Deal with Unwanted Gifts

Unwanted Gifts: How to Deal With Them Politely

Have you ever received a gift that you did not need or know how to use? You probably have a stack of them. Before we talk about unwanted gifts, we need to clarify one issue. Some people do not appreciate gifts at all. They prefer to give and not receive any gifts. Every gift is unwanted for such people. On the other hand, many people enjoy exchanging gifts with their loved ones. Sometimes your loved ones make mistakes or ignore some important steps when buying you gifts.

For some reason, family members get our gifts wrong even after knowing us for a lifetime. Your mum or mother-in-law can give you items that you cannot use every year for a birthday or Christmas. What do you do with such gifts? How do you handle such situations to avoid similar gifts in the future?

1. Appreciate the thought

Before you think of the unwanted gift, consider the thought behind it. The person spent their time and money to get you a gift. It is possible that they did not put much thought and effort into it, leading to an inappropriate gift. However, it could be that they do not know you well and did not know what to buy. Sometimes your loved ones run out of ideas after years and years of exchanging gifts.

Communicate your appreciation for the unwanted gifts first. It becomes tougher to deal with the situation if you start looking for reasons for their poor gift choice. The giver may have a different perspective of the gift, especially if he or she likes it.

2. Communicate your disappointment gracefully

We wish there was an easy way to do this but there is none. Being mean or blunt with your thoughts does not help. It could break a friendship or relationship that you worked hard to build. If your relationship allows it, you can say it outright. However, polite communication is necessary for all relationships. Do not lie at first and then share different thoughts later or to a different person.

If you do not know how to use the gift, ask the giver for suggestions. If it’s a wearable item like a dress or hoodie, you can talk about the size or color. Indicate your preferred color, style, or size. The person may be hurt but if they are in your life to stay, they will have better ideas for gifts in the future. Use the chance to suggest that you may give it to someone else. Emphasize your appreciation for the thought throughout and keep the conversation brief.

3. Give strong suggestions

One of the reasons why you may end up with tons of unwanted gifts is ignoring our previous tip. If you are dishonest about your feelings, people will repeat the same mistake. If you liked it before, another loved one will get it in a different color. Do not end the talk with just your disappointment. Give strong suggestions of things that you like.

Now, you may have failed before with this process. You know the friends or family members who are likely to give you more gifts in the future. Talk about your preferences before an occasion or event. For instance, you can give suggestions for your birthday gifts or Christmas. Suggest general gifts such as gift certificates or cards. Some people are just lazy in picking gifts and appreciate suggestions to avoid an awkward conversation or reaction.

4. Pass it on

Sometimes a conversation about the gift is impossible because of a strained or distant relationship. If the gift is in good condition, you can regift or donate it to a charity. Do not feel any guilt in giving it away. It is better than piling unwanted gifts in your garage. Be careful with this part because some people like to follow up on their gifts. For instance, if you regift it to a person that the giver knows, the idea will raise new issues.

It is okay to communicate when giving the gifts that the items had been given as gifts if you are thinking of a close connection. However, for charities and distant relations, you can repackage it and give it away. Do not fear telling the truth if the giver asks about it in the future. They will appreciate that you did not trash it.

5. Return or sell it

The idea of returning or selling depends on the type of gift. If you have a good relationship with the giver, he or she can give you the receipt to return the gift. Again, it all depends on how you relate and communicate your disappointment. Some people are quick to suggest a return or an exchange with something you like because they understand the meaning of gifts.

You can return a gift delivered to you directly from a gift shop. You may inform the giver or not but if you have a receipt, return it for a refund or an exchange. Some items can be sold to a thrift shop or to any willing buyer. If you cannot regift, return or donate the item, selling it is a good option.

6. Give good gifts

You can demonstrate the type of gifts you expect by giving good gifts. Your loved ones may not like the same gifts as you but you can train them on how to pick good gifts. For instance, ask them for gift suggestions for an upcoming occasion and give exactly what they suggest. Do not be surprised if they do the same when your turn comes.

If you give little thought when buying gifts, you are likely to pile unwanted gifts. Change the cycle in your circle of friends and family with thoughtful gifts. You do not need to buy expensive gifts expecting the same from the recipients. Some gifts are expensive but inappropriate for the recipient. Match every gift to the recipient’s style, interests, personality, and lifestyle.

You can choose any of the tips we have shared depending on the situation and type of gift. However, remember to prioritize relationships over your preferences. If an idea will break an important relationship, it is better to handle the issue alone than to share it with the person.

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