Wedding gifts in Kenya

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Unique Wedding Gifts in Kenya

Weddings come with all sorts of emotions. One glance at the bride will make you tear up, especially if she is close to you. The next minute you are worried about everything falling into place. Emotions are expected because we all want the best for the couple. You may have little control over the outcome of the wedding day. However, you can make the day memorable for the couple with unique wedding gifts.

Couples often give their friends and families enough time to prepare for the wedding day. The time always seems short when you are trying to pick the perfect gift. Let us talk about wedding gifts for a minute to prepare you for the next big occasion.

How to Buy Memorable Wedding Gifts

Your experience when shopping for any gift depends on the information you have and the gift shop that you choose. Adverts may be misleading, especially when looking for memorable gifts because they make buyers think in the same line. Consider the following factors before you spend a dime on a gift.

1. Buy items that the couple will need

People go wild with wedding gift ideas. Everyone wants his or her gift to stand out and remain special to the day’s memories. Before you board that plane, think about the moment after the couple opens your gift. How will they use it? Avoid gifts that you are unsure about their use or necessity. Instead, think about items that every home needs. For instance, everyone needs home décor items and kitchenware.

A new couple needs a journal or album to record their new memories as a family or picnic baskets for their picnics. Other items you can buy in this category include a wine rack, cookbook, and scented candles. If you have visited any of them before, it should be easy to pick unique wedding gifts for their new life together.

2. Consider personalized couple gifts

Online and physical gift shops in Nairobi sell many personalized for dating and married couples. The gifts may be common but the wedding date is unique to the couple in mind. Think about personalizing the gifts with the wedding date. You need to be sure about the date before ordering the gifts.

Some of the items that you can customize with the couple’s names or wedding dates include pillow covers, tees, beddings, doormats, pajamas, and bathrobes. Remember people keep personalized gifts for a long time. Hence, it is important to personalize quality items that the couple can use for years. In addition, ensure that the gift shop gets the right colors and sizes depending on the items that you choose.

3. Be unique

You are probably reading this article because you are tired of the jokes about wedding day gifts. The tradition has been that guests buy the same set of glasses, plates, or cups from the nearest supermarket on the big day. A couple announces their wedding months before the big day for a reason.

You have enough time to reschedule your activities, buy an outfit, travel, and definitely buy unique wedding gifts. Start thinking about the gift and saving money for it immediately after receiving the invite. You will end up with a box of glasses or cutlery like every other guest.

Choose unique physical gifts. Start exploring different ideas from gift shops in Kenya. Most sellers have an online store where you can compare items and prices. An alternative is to give money towards the wedding budget. You can also send the couple on a memorable honeymoon. They will remember you for as long as the wedding story will last.

4. Think about their habits or lifestyle

Do you know the couple well? Start with their lifestyle and hobbies. Personalities do not change with marriage. For instance, book lovers always look forward to the next read, married or single. For this gift idea, stay away from the common marriage books or quotes because someone else might think about the same.

If we are talking about travel buddies, get them matching gear for outdoor activities. Wine lovers will love a new wine rack with matching glasses in their new homes. You do not need to scratch your head for technology lovers or game lovers. New games and devices hit the market nearly every month.

5. Make their new home special

Couples get overwhelmed with planning their wedding until they forget about planning for the new home. Even if they have been living together, they want to come from their honeymoon to a different space. While they think about meeting their budget and traveling for their honeymoon, think about their new home.

You have tons of memorable gifts in this line of thought that the new family needs. You may not pick the furniture for them unless they are comfortable with that kind of gift. However, you can pick neutral décor items that fit any theme. Think about indoors and outdoors while choosing the gift.

6. Stick to your budget

Big occasions like weddings come with an untold pressure to please others from the outfits to gifts. The pressure may deplete your bank account if you join the bandwagon. Buying unique gifts does not mean you go broke while at it. You cannot meet every need that the couple has in their new life. Remember that birthdays and anniversaries are still on the way.

Always start shopping with a budget. Gift shops will recommend all types of wedding gifts but your budget will help you narrow it down to a unique and affordable gift. You should not leave the wedding feeling guilty for overspending while the couple enjoys your gift. However, if you have enough money to spend, go all out and buy the best gift you can find.

Final Thoughts

Buying unique wedding gifts should be an exciting journey. The gifts should be useful to the new couple. The journey is easier when you know the couple’s habits and lifestyle. Always think of items that a new family needs or can use for a long time. Visit our store for more wedding gift ideas in Kenya.

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