Thank You Gift Ideas for Clients

Business owners are always looking for new ways to increase sales. Generating new leads and converting them into sales seems like the best idea. However, research has proven that gaining new customers is more expensive than retaining existing customers. If you are running a business, start with appreciating the existing customers even if they are few. Happy customers often recommend other loyal customers. Explore the thank you gift ideas below for your top clients and test the difference. Some clients just need a little more love to become loyal customers.

People easily forget the first shop or service provider that met their needs. Your business is most likely among other options that a client has for the same type of products. However, incorporating personalized gifts into your services or products will leave a lasting impression on your top customers.

1. Personalized appreciation notes

Constant interactions with your best clients are necessary if you want to form long-term relations. Ask leading questions that allow clients to reveal more than their interest in your products or services. For instance, you can talk about family, hobbies, likes, and dislikes if they are open to such talks. The fun interactions as you serve them will leave some personal details that you may include in your appreciation notes. For instance, you can add greetings to their family members in your notes, especially children.

2. Client’s favorite product

Your top clients come to your business repeatedly for specific products or services. You can almost predict their next visit. Surprise them before their next visit with their favorite products. Deliver the product to their location if they have used your delivery services before. Alternatively, you can complement their purchase with a free product or service. For example, you may offer a free manicure for a client that visits for hair services.

3. Special gift baskets

A client visits your shop expecting the usual service. Consider setting aside specific days in a week to appreciate visiting clients. For instance, you can give flowers to all visiting clients on a Friday or the weekend. For repeat clients, deliver bouquets with personalized notes on the same day. Gourmet gift baskets are also perfect for occasional gifts. The thank you gift ideas we have shared so far should encourage you to collect as much data as possible about your clients. You will need information such as the client’s home address or place of work when delivering surprise gifts.

4. Family-friendly gifts

When thinking about client appreciation gifts, think beyond one client. You are trying to increase sales and grow your business. Hence, include the client’s family or circle of friends in the gift ideas. Examples of family-friendly gifts include gift cards to the best local restaurants, game consoles, family shopping vouchers, and holiday trips. The clients’ family and friends may end up as your loyal customers in the future if you start reaching out to them now.

5. Branded gifts

Gifting clients does not need to be an expensive rodeo. Simple gifts after purchase such as a pen or notebook personalized with the client’s initials will do the trick. The client will go home wondering how you thought of the idea even before they visited your shop. You are guaranteed that they will come back, so keep the gifts flowing. Other branded gifts to consider include branded t-shirts, caps, mugs, and diaries. Such gifts serve the client while marketing your business.

6. Books and magazines

Many entrepreneurs do not consider books and magazines among thank you gift ideas for their loyal customers. A free inspiration book or a magazine subscription is an awesome gift of knowledge. Industry-related materials are recommended to inform your clients about your business. However, the idea may limit your options depending on your industry. In addition, you can give different books or magazines to different clients based on their personalities, profession, and interests.

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