Rolex Watches in Kenya

Luxury Watches in Kenya: Why Are Rolex Watches So Expensive?

Is the high price tag on a Rolex watch justified? Are they selling a regular watch to the high-end markets? Rolex watches have been popular around the world for years despite the high price. The Swiss high-end brand is still operational and profitable, indicating that the luxury timepieces are in high demand. If you ask for luxury watches in Kenya, Rolex watches will come up in every conversation. Why are watch lovers willing to pay the high price for a wristwatch?

Rolex watches have a quality guarantee

Rolex does not spare any expense in the manufacture of these timepieces. The company guarantees its clients of the highest quality for each watch. The Swiss brand makes it nearly impossible for their clients to find a watch with matching quality in any market. Rolex has maintained its reputation of commitment to high quality for decades.

The high price matches the quality, as long as you buy an original Rolex. We must warn you about cheaper imitations that are in all markets across the globe. The sellers target buyers with little information about the look and details of original Rolex watches. An establishment online brand does not mean that the seller is genuine and so the need to take your time with the background check.

The design process is lengthy and expensive

Rolex incurs high development costs because of the lengthy design process. The process starts in the research and development lab where top professionals refine manufacturing methods and techniques. The lab keeps Rolex ahead of the competitors. The research process led to the acquisition of expensive and sophisticated equipment, including spectrometers and microscopes. Such equipment is necessary to assemble the tiny pieces used in making a good watch.

Rolex also passes each material through the stress rooms and subjects them to all kinds of pressure. The tests ensure that the final product can withstand all kinds of pressure in your daily activities. After all, when buying luxury watches in Kenya, you need the freedom to wear them indoors and outdoors without worrying about abrasion or destruction.

The brand uses specific materials

Rolex is specific with the materials to make each part. For instance, Rolex uses 904L steel while other competing brands use 316L steel. Consequently, Rolex watches are shinier, harder, and more durable than their equivalents. The company uses white gold for the dials and ceramic materials for the bezels. The numbers on the display are made of sandblasted platinum. Rolex also includes gemstones in the movements and bezels. You can tell from the kind of materials used that the final products are expensive. The company does not compromise the materials for each part for any reason. If you see a gemstone on a Rolex watch, you see a real gemstone and not a cheap alternative.

The Rolex brand is committed to giving value to clients

Rolex is often described as a “control freak” because of its commitment to value and quality for clients. The value holds whether you are buying a new Rolex watch or a used watch. The timepieces are above the rest in the resale market. The quality control process applies to each watch despite the thousands of watches that the brand manufactures every year.

Rolex is specific with the position of the handles. The company controls the melting process of the gemstones used in their watches, including gold and silver. Hence, the manufacturer is sure that each piece meets the highest quality standards, as you would expect in luxury watches in Kenya.

Some parts are assembled by hand

Rolex employs qualified and experienced professionals to assemble the mechanical watches. The team has the best equipment and technology for the design process. However, the professionals assemble and polish some of the parts by hand. Hence, the company must factor in the high labor costs in Switzerland when pricing the watches. The high price is an appreciation of the long hours that the workers put into the production process to guarantee users the best quality. In addition, some of the small parts are highly likely to break or fail in the assembly process of mechanical watches, increasing the cost of the watches.

 The Prices of Rolex Watches in Kenya

The prices of Rolex watches vary with the design and year of release. The colors and materials used in a watch will also determine the price. Market forces also influence the price. Hence, a watch may have different prices in different countries, depending on the demand and supply forces.

The cheapest designs of Rolex watches are about $2,000, which is equivalent to about Ksh. 200,000. Sophisticated designs cost up to $100,000, which is about ten million Kenya shillings. If you find a cheaper deal in the market, you are likely to buy second-hand or used Rolex watches.

Many watchmakers imitate Rolex watches to give a sense of luxury at a lower price. Hence, you will find many sellers listing Rolex watches at low prices with a similar design. For some imitations, you may not tell them apart from the original Rolex pieces. If you are looking for luxury watches in Kenya, buy from trusted sources that import original products.

A high price tag does not always indicate that you are buying an original high-end watch. Sometimes sellers use high price tags to convince clients that they have original designs. Do your background check before spending hundreds of thousands of shillings on one watch. You are better off with a used Rolex watch than a cheap imitation.

Well, the next time you look at a surprisingly high price for a Rolex watch, you have a clue about the design process and commitment to quality. It should be a life goal for any true watch lover to own one of those timepieces. You will pass the timepiece to the next generation and so it is a worthy investment.

The journey starts somewhere. Explore the best watches in Kenya as you work your way to luxury watches. Keep working your way to own your favorite watch. It is worth it all!

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