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How to Maintain a Watch in Perfect Condition

The advancement in watch technology over the years has enabled watchmakers to introduce watches in the market with minimal maintenance needs. You hardly think of the watch after the purchase. If the watch has a long-lasting battery, it keeps running without your input. In fact, many buyers do not think about how to maintain a watch, especially after buying a trusted brand.

Watch manufacturers do their part to give you the best deal. Most watches in the market today are water-resistant and have hard case materials. An accidental fall or bang may not lead to breakage depending on the brand. However, you still have a few things to do to keep a watch as good as new.

1. Wind the watch regularly

A wristwatch will keep running after you wind it for the first time. The movement continues without accounting for any errors. Every watch has an error rate. Hence, you need to wind it regularly to correct the error. You do not have to do this every day. You can schedule a weekly activity to maintain an accurate time display.

Another important tip that you should remember is to avoid winding the watch on your wrist. It is easy to turn the watch and start moving the crown on the side of the watch. You will put unnecessary pressure on the opposite side of the watch. Remove the watch while winding it and then put it back on. It takes just a few minutes so you can give your wrist a little break.

2. Do not wipe your watch with soap

We have mentioned that you have little to do to maintain a watch with a water-resistant case and a top-quality band. However, your watch will still contact dirt, dust, and moisture from your environment. For the best watch brands, you can wash away the dirt and dust with water and then part to dry or just allow the water to drain.

Contact with water does not affect stainless steel watches and original leather watches. Plastic and rubber bands drain any water drops quickly. However, fabric bands may absorb water and take a longer period to dry depending on the material. You may need to remove the straps and clean them separately. Avoid using soap for any type of watch case because any soap particles that remain on the case may clog its parts.

3. Inspects the seals regularly for water resistance

When you discover that a watch has a high water-resistance level, you are tempted to let your guard down. You start showering and swimming with it as long as you maintain the recommended water depth. You may not see any need to remove it in a heavy downpour.

Water-resistance cases are supposed to give you that kind of freedom. However, the seal and gaskets may wear out over time and reduce the water-resistance levels. Watchmakers can test the level of water resistance and advice you. The best approach is to avoid unnecessary contact with water, unless if you are wearing a diving watch. Prevention is always better than looking for watchmakers to repair your watch.

4. Be careful when changing the straps

Many watch models come with replaceable straps. In fact, changing the strap is an important tip on how to maintain a watch and extend its service life. Some watches have a durable case and parts but the straps wear out with time. You can give it a new look with new straps.

Changing straps is important for leather and fabric bands. The watch manufacturer may provide extra straps in different colors. If not, you can find fitting straps in watch shops in Kenya. Ask for help if you are unsure about your precision when changing the straps.

You need the right tools and instructions to change the strap. Popular watch brands have online tutorials to help you change straps safely. Do not be shy to ask for help if the process seems lengthy or complicated, especially for stainless steel straps.

5. Service a mechanical watch regularly

The tips of how to maintain a watch may sound strange to some buyers. Some people do not have any long-term plans for their wristwatches. They buy a watch and wear it for as long as it functions. The need to service the watch does not cross their minds until it stops working. They will try to repair it at that time or dump it for a new watch.

The attitude is only possible if you pay a low price for a watch. If you spend a significant amount on a watch, then you need to take care of it. Some watch shops offer maintenance services where they replace some parts, straps, and batteries. Do not wait for a watch to stop working properly to look for help.

6. Put it on!

A watch is not a trophy or a décor item on display. Do not buy an expensive luxury watch and lock it somewhere. Watches are meant to stay on the wrist as long as you are on the move. You can change from one watch to another but do not leave one lying down for a long time. You will not realize the need to wind or move the gears regularly if you do not wear it regularly.

The motivation to keep it on your wrist will depend on the type of watch you buy. It all starts with your choice of a watch. If it matches your style and class, you wear it daily. The choice also determines the maintenance needs. Get a good watch with high resistance levels against moisture, abrasion, and pressure. Also, use the right watch for the right activity. For instance, a sports watch is perfect when you are engaging in rough outdoor activities or water sports.

Always remember to check the manufacturer’s specifications on how to maintain a watch. You can access such a manual online. In fact, the information should guide you to purchase a watch with low maintenance needs. Visit our store for a collection of such watches and more information about wristwatches.

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