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Gifts In Kenya: Is It Weird To Hate Receiving Gifts?

Do you love giving gifts but hate receiving them? Did you know that they are many other people like you? When we recommend gifts in Kenya, we often assume that every target recipient likes gifts. It sounds like the natural thing to do- accepting every gift. However, some people do not like gifts at all. Why would anyone hate receiving gifts? If you have ever given a gift that the recipient did appreciate or hated gifts, you will find some of the reasons in this list.

Reasons Why People Hate Gifts

1.  When gifts are manipulative

Top on the list of reasons why some people hate gifts is manipulation. Some people give gifts and use them later to manipulate the recipient. For instance, one party in a relationship may use an expensive gift to keep the other person hooked. You do not want a partner who keeps reminding you of every gift you ever received in a relationship. In addition, some partners give gifts with a hidden motive to ask for a favor in return. If you receive an expensive gift, you feel obliged to grant any request that the giver makes.

2. Pressure to show appreciation or express happiness

You may have had this awkward moment where you received a gift in public and everyone was curious to see it. Some people expect that you get excited about every gift and show everybody else what they bought. Well, such moments are awkward. You may not be the type that expresses happiness or any emotion publicly.

Here is another reason why the moment feels off. You did not like or need the item the person bought yet the giver expects an immediate positive response. The pressure makes people hate the whole idea of giving and receiving gifts.

3. Preference for quality time over gifts

The idea of using gifts to make up for the time you were absent is wrong. Parents and lovers alike use this trick, which is wrong. The amount you spend on gifts in Kenya does not equate to your presence. If you grew up with parents that gave gifts all the time but were absent from your life, you probably grew up hating gifts. You prefer that a loved one spend time with you instead of sending gifts or flowers.

4. Fear of being misunderstood

Your loved one may push you to hate gifts. You mention something in a casual conversation and receive tons of the same thing on your next birthday. You did not mean for anyone to buy the item as a gift. You just mentioned it and got it. The worst part is when they buy the cheapest version of something that you like. People in relationships also feel vulnerable to misunderstandings. Some people read too much into gifts and interpret your motives and thoughts wrongly. You will hate gifts after dating or marrying such a partner.

5. Unwanted gifts

How many times have you received a gift you did not need or like? It happens all the time. Dealing with unwanted gifts is the weird part of the game. You want to get rid of it without hurting the giver or breaking the relationship. The problem is that some of your loved ones will never get the right gifts. The awkwardness of handling unwanted gifts in close relationships can make you hate receiving gifts.

6. The implied obligation or debt to give something back

We talk about manipulative gifts that come with a spoken demand or request. Everybody hates such gifts. However, every time you receive a gift, you always feel obliged to give something back even if the person does not ask or need a favor. It is just an unspoken obligation that makes many uncomfortable. The pressure to match the gift makes it worse, especially if you are trying to save or live within your means. What do you do when you cannot match an expensive gift or holiday trip? It might haunt you for days until you buy something in return.

7. Giving out of obligation

We know this about Christmas, birthday, graduation, and anniversary gifts. The events or special days demand a gift. After some years, your loved ones stop putting too much thought into the gifts. They shop out of obligation and end up dumping stuff that you will never use on you. Some kids hate Christmas because parents shop out of obligation instead of exploring the right gift ideas for kids that match their interests. You can tell when people buy gifts out of obligation and it is loathsome.

8. The thought that others will get it wrong

Sometimes this thought is right. For instance, if you like gadgets or tech items, your loved ones may not pick your preferred type or brand. You have known your friends or family for a long time. You know the type of gifts they buy and your taste or preference. If there is a mismatch, you will hate every celebration that comes with gifts. You may prefer to go out for dinner or watch a movie instead of wrapped presents. Here is a tip. You can suggest such alternatives before the event or day to get around their disappointment.

9. Reducing clutter

When you buy gifts in Kenya, you do not expect them to end up in the clutter box. Unfortunately, unwanted gifts become clutter that bothers the recipient. For instance, anyone living in a small apartment may have no room for bulky décor items or plants. A large piece of art may not suit their space. If you buy oversized clothes, the recipient will just treat them as clutter. If a person hates gifts, everything you give is a clutter and it bothers him or her.

10. People spend more than they cannot afford to impress

We end with a common mistake that makes people hate gifts. Some people will go out of their way to buy gifts they cannot afford. If you know the person well, you know they had to borrow or forego basic needs to buy you the gifts. Parents fall into this trap too when trying to impress their kids. You do not want to make any of your loved ones or friends financially unstable even for a day in the name of presents. Unfortunately, many people do not learn. They repeat the same mistake every year, leaving a trail of guilt in you. Talking to them seems futile. You may end up hating gifts even from others who can afford them.

You are not weird neither is your loved one who hates gifts. We would like to hear from you if you have a different reason for hating gifts. However, we hope that our collection of gifts in Kenya will make you rethink giving gifts to others.

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