Gifts for Kids

Gifts for Kids: 10+ Clutter-Free Gift Ideas that Parents Love

If you are a parent, you understand the love relationship between kids and toys. They are inseparable, well, until you buy a new toy. Kids will always drag you to the toys section at the store and sometimes force you to buy a new toy. Consequently, toys come to mind first when you think of gifts for kids. As much as you like your kids to have all kinds of toys, you will always have to deal with clutter.

The clean-up song does not work for most kids. They are good at scattering toys everywhere and falling asleep just before cleaning up. You cannot expect much from toddlers but you can save yourself the trouble.  Forget about toys for the next few birthdays and consider the following gift ideas for your kids.

1. Playdates

Do your kids bug you with requests for play dates? Organize play dates as gifts, especially to their favorite places. The advantage of play dates is that you do not need to buy new toys. Kids will play with whatever they can find in an environment as long as their friends are there.

2. Outdoor games

Your problem with clutter after every playtime comes from focusing on indoor games. Try as much as possible to allow your kids to play outdoors. For instance, you can install swings, tents, and playhouses outside your home. If your space is limited, consider holding events such as birthday parties and graduation parties in playgrounds. Your kids and their friends will have fun without cluttering your home.

3. Video games

You probably have tried to fight this war with video games without success. We are in that age that video games are a part of our children’s world. This does not excuse your responsibility to guide them on picking the right games. You also have to control the amount of time they spend on video games. However, simple and fun video games will save you from hours of de-cluttering and piles of toys in your home.

4. Wearable items

Have you thought about clothes, shoes, and accessories? Sometimes such gifts for kids escape our minds, especially when kids are pressing hard for new toys and games. Instead of buying a toy with a picture of the kids’ favorite shows, look for wearable items with the same theme. You will begin to notice these items in the clothing stores when you stop thinking about toys and play items.

5. Movie tickets

Your kids always watch their shows and movies at home. Take the fun to a movie theater. Do your homework and check for kids-appropriate movies or films that are showing in your area. Buy tickets and watch the film as a family. You can invite their friends where possible to make it even more fun. Prepare to hear stories and respond to questions from the movie for days.

6. Dinner

Family activities outside the home are in most cases fun for kids. They enjoy them more than they can express. Consider a dinner date with the kids to their favorite restaurant or a new place instead of organizing a party at home. You may spend more or less depending on the kind of part you had in mind. However, you will escape the clutter that comes with home parties. Preparing a home party is also hard work. Dinner dates give you a chance to rest and enjoy the occasion as well.

7. Gift cards

Kids are not too young to receive gift cards. Many times parents get their kids’ gifts wrong. You can tell when a child is not interested in a gift and it is disheartening. Escape the disappointment by allowing kids to choose what they like. Remember that we are running away from clutter. It might help to get gift cards from food joints, restaurants, or kids’ clothing stores instead of a toy store. In addition, you will understand your kids’ likes and dislikes better as you allow them to pick the items they like as gifts.

8. Outdoor adventures

Gifts for kids can include experiences such as adventurous trips or nature walks. Many recreational centers have adventures for kids of all ages. Alternatively, you can explore historic sites and landmarks with your kids, including museums and parks. You will combine education and fun in one trip, which is helpful. The sites have guides who will give your kids all the information they need, relieving you from answering hundreds of questions.

9. Food and treats

Edible gifts may create a mess at the dining table for some hours but that is all you have to clean up. If you cannot explore outdoor games, movies, or adventures, food treats are a great alternative to piles of toys. Give the kids many choices of healthy treats. You can wrap them in mystery packs and make unwrapping treats a discovery process.

10. Books

Should you buy books for a kid’s birthday? Yes, you can. However, you need to start a reading culture before their birthday and then pick the right books. You do not need to buy another math or language book. However, you can choose fun storybooks that invite kids to participate in the story. For instance, they can color some of the characters or dramatize the story at home. You just need to make reading fun for them and support their teachers’ efforts.

11. Creative lessons

Schools do their best to allow kids to discover their gifts and interests. However, the school calendar is not always enough for children to master their talents. As a parent, you can register your kids for additional creative lessons in their areas of interest. For instance, cooking competitions or art lessons are great adventures for them. They will spend time doing what they like and making new friends.

Buying gifts for kids does not have to come with piles of clutter. Kids get over toys after a few days and sometimes hours. You cannot escape from toys forever but you can consider the alternatives we have provided in this article on some occasions. Visit our store for more gift ideas for the whole family and for all occasions.

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