Gifts for her in Kenya: 10 Ideas to Celebrate Women

Do you celebrate the women in your life enough? We are talking about all women from your mother, sisters, significant other, friends, and female workmates. We all do try our best to show our appreciation but sometimes it feels insufficient. A woman plays a big role in the family and society. Hence, shopping for gifts for her in Kenya ought to mean something. Every gift should feel a woman loved, honored, and appreciated for all her sacrifices.

They say women are complicated but when it comes to gifts, we have a different story. The gift idea you consider small may be all she needs to keep her going for another year. Sometimes a bunch of flowers goes a long way, especially when she is not expecting it. Here are more ideas to consider this year.

10 Gift Ideas to Celebrate Women

1. A Dream Vacation

Women are caregivers. They do not think twice about making everyone around them comfortable. However, they often forget to take care of themselves as much as they take care of others. Their traveling plans are often interrupted by family needs. A dream vacation from the usual routine is golden for every woman, including a break from work. She may insist on carrying the kids if she has some but try to get her a break from the kids too if you can.

2. Skincare Hamper

Does she take a long time to get ready? Well, women care about their looks. We cannot argue with that but we can make it easier for them. We are in the era of beauty routines. A complete package of beauty products is an excellent gift. You can also go for a pack of essential oils. A skincare regime is therapeutic and a must-have for every woman.

3. Jewellery

You are probably thinking that she has enough sets of earrings and bracelets and chains. However, we assure you that another diamond ring or a set of earrings is always welcome. Jewelry makes good gifts for her in Kenya because they do not go out of fashion. Every outfit in her wardrobe requires matching jewelry. Solve that mystery for her on her next birthday or anniversary.

4. A Spa Day

Spa days are not overrated. They work some magic that women can hardly explain. That tells you that you can give the gift over and over, especially to working mothers. They will appreciate it every time. If you are a man reading this, do not worry about the details. Visit a good spa in town and ask for a card or package that will suit her and your budget. The spa will take care of the rest and she can pick the most convenient date.

5. Flowers and Chocolate

Here is another package that has stood the test of time. Flowers and chocolate are welcome any day of the week. Add a bouquet of flowers to her shopping list or the usual essentials on your list. Florists in Nairobi have different bouquets to send different messages, including thank you flowers, romantic floral packages, and appreciation flowers. Use this guide to choose the best flower delivery service in town.

6. Gift Card

There is always an opportunity to cheat on gifts. If you are looking for a last minute gift or unsure about the best gift for her, a gift card is your way out. Online gift shops offer gifts cards that give recipients the freedom to pick their favorite items. Gift cards also save you from the trouble of ordering, packaging, and delivering a gift. If you met her recently, you may be unsure about her likes and dislikes. Start with a gift card from a leading gift shop.

7. Wristwatch

Watches are timeless gifts that suit all occasions. Her style and preference for jewelry should guide you in picking the best watch for her. A stylish watch will remind her every hour that you appreciate her. Choose neutral colors such as silver or black for the watchstrap to ensure that the watch matches most of her outfits. Alternatively, get a watch with changeable straps if you do not know her favorite colors.

8. Perfume

Women love to look good and smell good. Hence, perfume must be on our list of gifts for her in Kenya. Your mind may rush into thinking about her favorite perfume brand. You do not have to wander far away. Listen to her speak or ask her friends. You can pick her taste of perfume if you spend enough time with her. Here is your guarantee. If you spend money on a genuine designer perfume, she will wear it.

9. Kitchenware

We try our best to get women out of the kitchen to rest or enjoy the outdoors. However, we often miss the fact that cooking is therapeutic for some women. Such women can cook for hours and be fine with it while we are worried about them. If you have such a woman in your life, a set of new kitchenware such as a baking set is perfect. Replace broken items such as the oven or an old fridge. Be warned that she will spend a little more time in the kitchen but you will enjoy the results.

10. Books

Does she love to read in her free time? Buy her a book. Start with a book that she has talked about or expressed interest in recently. Book lovers often follow new publications in their favorite genre. Buying the latest book from her favorite author or genre shows that you listen to conversations. If you are considering sending her away on a vacation, you may also pack a few books to keep her busy while traveling. Inspirational books are always a safe place to start if you have never seen her reading.

Do not wait for annual holidays and events to show your appreciation for womanhood. Every day is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the woman in your life. Discover more ideas for gifts for her in Kenya at our store to make her day special.

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