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Gifts Buying Guide: How to Create a Gift Wish List

Everybody has a wish list for gifts that he or she would like to receive on special occasions. They may never talk about it openly or directly ask for any of the items on the list. However, you will make birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, Christmas, and every other yearly event special if you give gifts on your loved ones’ wish list.

 As we talk about buying gifts for others, bear in mind that you can also create a gift wish list for yourself. Exchanging gifts does not need to be a mystery. You can guide your friends into buying what you like and they can do the same. You do not lose the aspect of a surprise because they do not know which items you will pick from the list.

The way to build a complete wish list is to ask leading questions. Ask as many as you can before the gifting day. For the people who do not like to talk about gifts, write the questions and ask them one by one on different occasions. Here are some of the questions that will help you build the gift wish list fast.

1. What are your current needs?

It is always great to buy something that meets the recipient’s pressing needs. You may not need to ask this because people mention their needs. You can also tell from observing their lifestyle and identify items that will meet their needs at home, in the office, in business, or in personal life.

2. What are your favorite products and brands?

If you are thinking of buying body care products or perfumes, ask the person for their favorite brands. The question will save you disappointment for buying products they cannot use. If they live with you, the choice is easier because you can sneak around and see the kind of products they always buy.

3. Where do you like to hang out for fun?

If you just met a person, it is hard to determine what they do in their leisure time. The place can give you gift ideas. For instance, you can many gift ideas for football fans, music lovers, golfers, and movie lovers.

4. Do you like home-prepared meals or dinners in restaurants?

We often imagine dinner at the best restaurants with the people we love. Before you ask about their favorite restaurants, ask if they enjoy eating out in the first place. Some people enjoy a home-cooked meal better than the best meal in a restaurant, especially those with health issues.

5. Which are your favorite restaurants?

If you discover that the person likes eating out, ask about his or her favorite restaurant. You will have an idea of the kind of meals, environment, and activities that they like. You can buy them dinner at one of the restaurants or hold a party there. Alternatively, you can match the standard of restaurants to give them a different experience. 

6. What kind of snacks do you like?

Do you like giving gourmet gift baskets? Ask about the person’s favorite snacks before ordering such a basket. Do not assume that everyone has a sweet tooth.

7. Do you like traveling? What is your dream destination?

A get-away is always welcome on holidays for most people. It makes perfect sense to meet a person’s wish for a travel destination. Do not wake up one morning to book a trip for someone who does not like traveling at all. In addition, ask about their preferred mode of travel. A train ride may not be their dream trip.

8. What are your favorite drinks?

For the people who like to give wine and wine glasses as gifts, you need to ask this question. Every wine lover has a specific brand and taste for wine. If you are planning a party or meal, ask about their favorite drinks to get every bit right.

9. What are your hobbies?

Did you know that people have secret hobbies that they never talk about? Some hobbies are expressed while others remain on a bucket list. It will surprise you what people talk about when you ask about their hobbies. Some have remained unexplored since childhood.

10. Where do you shop?

The question is necessary if you want to give a gift card. However, you can also discover a person’s tastes and needs by the kind of shops they frequent. Any gifts that you buy from their favorite clothing store are likely to meet an immediate need.

11. Are you saving up for anything?

You can help a loved one meet their goals by gifting them what he or she has been saving to buy. Some people prefer to save and buy what they need or wish for instead of asking others to do it for them. If you can, cut the process short and buy the item.

12. What are your favorite things?

This question will give you tons of gift ideas. For instance, for a person that loves technology or electronics, you have many devices that you can buy as gifts. The same goes for those that love the best of dining items. The trick is to ask and create a list based on their answer.

13. What do you donate or wish to donate?

Gifting is not always about receiving our favorite items. Some people prefer to donate on their special occasions rather than pile up gifts. You need to ask a person what he or she wishes to donate on the next occasion. Accompany them and contribute to their favorite charity activities. Your presence and thoughts about such activities count more than your physical gifts.

Final Thoughts

Creating a gift wish list seems like an unnecessary task until you have several birthdays and anniversaries in the same month. Think about the troubles of getting Christmas gifts right every year. A wish list will save you trouble and help you allocate enough money for gifts. The list will save you from impulse buying, which always leads to overspending.

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