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Gift Shops Nairobi: Gift Ideas for Children

Is your child’s birthday coming? Well, you have several tasks to complete before the big day. You have to invite his or her friends, order a cake and candy, and pick gifts. Let us talk about the last part. Buying gifts for kids is not as easy as walking into gift shops Nairobi and picking up any toy on the shelf. He or she may play with it for a few minutes and then move on to something else.

Kids are honest. You can easily tell if your child likes a gift or not. Do not wait for the disappointment. The best gift for your child should be age-appropriate, fun, and durable. Have you not bought enough toys that break within a day? In addition, the best gift ideas for children should stimulate your child’s imagination and promote physical activity.

Best Gift Ideas for Children

Age-appropriate toys

You cannot separate kids from toys unless you have something else to keep them engaged. Even after your alternative activities, they will still need something to play with while you attend to your chores. Kids from one to nine years like toys. However, you need to pick toys based on their age.

Children below 2 years can play with collectible toys. Beware that the toys will move from the floor to their mouths occasionally. Hence, avoid tiny toys that kids can swallow. Baby dolls are okay for toddlers. After 5 years, kids develop favorite cartoon characters. Hence, cartoon-themed toys will make their day.

Most kids begin losing interest in toys after 9 years. Do not worry if it takes longer. However, you need to consider other items on this list if your child is above 9 years.

Game boards and consoles

The alternative to toys for older children is game boards and consoles. Pre-teens and teenagers like challenges. At this stage, kids know the type of games that interests them and may give you suggestions. In addition, gift shops Nairobi sell PlayStation consoles, card games, and game boards. However, you must do your homework.

Games like toys have age limits. Consider the kind of competition involved in the game and the language used. Use the internet to search the games before ordering a console. The balance between learning and play must remain.

Learning tools

Some gifts can prepare your child for their first years in school. For instance, coloring crayons, colored pencils, drawing books, and painting sets prepare toddlers for school. Pre-schoolers also enjoy coloring activities at home. Here is a secret with this age. A new set of crayons is still exciting even if it is almost similar to what the children use daily.

Prepare for messes when kids begin coloring and painting. Set aside space inside or outside the house where the kids can play with colors without messing with the items in the house. You will be triggering their creativity and helping their brains to develop with such activities.

Tech gifts

We are raising a generation that likes and depends on technology. You must admit that the world is different for your kids. Young children do not know how to use technology appropriately. However, pre-teens and teenagers are already technology, whether you know it or not. You need to train them on the right way to use technology.

Schools are now giving virtual lessons and assignments that require internet research. For such grown kids, a new tablet, laptop, a set of headphones, or earphones is appropriate. Some tech companies manufacture products for kids to protect them from inappropriate content. Visit gift shops Nairobi for more age-appropriate tech gift ideas.

Fun books for tough subjects

If your kid is struggling with a subject in school, lots of homework on the subject may not help. The child is already overwhelmed with schoolwork. However, a fun book on the subject can help. For instance, for kids that struggle with reading, looking for fun storybooks will help them with reading.

Be involved when the child is reading books for the first time. You will find them doing it later in your absence. You cannot go wrong with educative materials as long as they are age-appropriate.


Kids love puzzles. Buy different puzzles to keep their minds engaged. You can teach your child to solve problems with puzzles. Gift shops sell puzzles based on the child’s cognitive skills. You can tell the type of puzzles that your child can solve and find such puzzles in the market.

Fashion dolls

Fashion dolls are a big deal for girls. You do not need to think too hard to find a gift for a girl. She needs dolls for her pretend plays. She is preparing to be a mother. Get her fashion dolls before she outgrows them. Toy manufacturers sell fashion dolls based on popular kids’ shows. Start with cartoon-themed dolls or find fashion dolls with sets of tools to dress up the doll.

Outdoor toys

You probably have enough indoor toys by now. It may be time to consider outdoor toys like bikes, scooters, and skating boards. If you have space in your neighborhood, buy balls and play equipment for different games such as football, basketball, or tennis. Consider the games that your kids enjoy. Listen and observe the type of games they engage in when playing with other children.

Tools set

Tools sets are in different categories. Gift shops Nairobi sell cooking sets for girls to play mummy at home and building blocks for boys to build cars or lorries. You can also buy toolsets for other activities like drawing, painting, and dressing fashion dolls. The best toolset depends on your child’s interest, age, and gender.

Bubble wraps

We have to warn you about bubble wraps. You may be tempted to pop most of them before your child does it. However, they are great compliments for other gifts. They bring momentary joy that is incomparable. An alternative is to buy toys with bubble wraps or request the gift shop to wrap the toys with bubble wraps.

Visit our store for these and more gift ideas for children, men, and women. We deliver all types of gifts for all occasions throughout the year.

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