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Gift Shops in Nairobi: End-of-year Gifts that Teachers Appreciate

We all agree that most teachers are underpaid for their work. Think of how parents wait for schools to reopen to breathe. Teachers seem to have some special abilities to handle kids that parents wished they possessed. The unfortunate thing is that the world does not appreciate these professionals. We have watched teachers pushing for better pay for years. Sometimes we feel helpless even if we understand their frustrations. It turns out that you can do something to brighten their days. Gifts! Yes, teachers appreciate gifts too. Think about your kids’ teachers when visiting gift shops in Nairobi and pick something special.

Forget about the world’s best teacher mugs. They probably have a shelf of them by now. Who came up with that idea anyway? Think of thoughtful gifts that any teacher can appreciate. The best teachers’ gifts involve both parents and students. Teachers train kids to use their creativity and natural abilities beyond the lessons taught in class. What if you could tap into your kids’ creativity and make their teachers smile? Let us explore some gift ideas that your kids can participate in picking and packaging.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Teachers

1. Homemade sweets or treats

Many parents find it weird when their kids share their snacks with their teachers. It is not weird at all. Kids share their toys and snacks with the people they love. Your kids will always offer something to their caregivers if they are kind to them. Do not fight it because you will deny them the lesson and joy of sharing with others.

Now, you do not expect that your kids’ teachers will eat their snacks every day. However, you can pack extra treats for their teachers. Think about the end-of-year meetings or parties that schools organize. Do not show up empty-handed. Involve your kids in preparing some treats at home like candy or cookies and pack some for each teacher.

As it is the habit of teachers, they will end up sharing with other students. However, they will know that you appreciate their whole-year efforts in educating your kids. After all, you may need them for several years. Get personalized packaging from gift shops in Nairobi for the treats and any other item you may need to go along with the treats.

2. Flowers from Your Garden

This idea may sound simple and frugal but it works for many teachers. You can tell when someone walks into a flower shop and picks a random bouquet on their way to the end-of-the-year meeting. You may do that if you are in a rush or thinking of a gift at the last minute. However, if you have flowers in your garden, involve your kids in arranging a bouquet for their teachers.

Here is the trick with homemade bouquets. They do not need to look perfect like you ordered from a flower delivery service. We are talking about teachers. They love to see their hard work yield results as kids grow in creativity and character. Do not over-think it or seek perfection. In fact, do not wait for an end-of-year event. Whenever flowers blossom in your yard, pick some for the teacher. It could be a rose stem for each teacher if you are thinking of appreciating several teachers but it counts.

3. Handwritten thank you notes

You may not hand flowers in your backyard or have time to prepare treats. However, you can prepare handwritten thank you notes for the teachers. Let your kids include their thoughts. Do not try to correct them to sound better if they can write. After all, their teachers know their language and level of understanding. You can help the little ones but there is something about receiving a note from a child with their handwriting.

Some kids like to draw pictures of their favorite pets or include love hearts. Give them enough time to draw whatever they wish to include in the card. You do not even need to buy any special materials. The usual art and craft materials for kids will do. You can explore ideas of messages to include in thank you note on online gift shops in Nairobi or borrow card designs.

4. Paper Shapes Wall Art

When you give a gift, you expect the person to look at it severally and remember your kind thoughts. A good alternative to branded mugs is wall art. Since we are talking about involving your kids in this project, creating wall art with simple paper shapes is great. You will need to buy a picture frame or canvas to paste the paper shapes. The kids can paint, color, or write on the paper shapes.

We emphasize the need for the freedom to allow your kids to do the best they can with these ideas based on their age and abilities. The gifts will improve as they grow older but their teachers will see the fruit of their efforts. An easy way to hack this idea is to explore the internet for designs and then recreate the easiest or simplest design with the materials you can get locally.

5. Gift cards

We leave this one here just in case you are not gifted with handmade crafts. If you are unsure about handmade gifts, a gift card for the teacher will do. Visit your favorite gift shops in Nairobi and request a gift card. An alternative is to get gift cards from local stores, supermarkets, or clothing shops. Your kids can participate in picking the store or presenting the gift cards to their teachers.

The advantage of gift cards is that the recipients can pick what they need or like. You do not need to be there to present the gift. It is a nice surprise if the first thing a teacher receives in the morning is a gift card and not homework. He or she will have the best day in school.

If you have been postponing the idea of gifting your kids’ teachers, you now have reasons to actualize it. Your kids have a chance to participate in making their teachers smile. Visit our store for more gift ideas for teachers and your loved ones.

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