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Gift Shops in Kenya: Gender Reveal Party Gifts for Moms

What should you carry to a gender reveal party? The invitation is exciting and welcome. You are happy that your loved one is having a baby. You could be welcoming a nephew or niece to your family but you do not know the gender yet. We must admit that these parties can be confusing. You know that a baby shower is coming right after that and another party for the newborn. So, which gifts do you choose for the gender reveal party? Should you visit gift shops in Kenya for the mom’s gifts or buy newborn stuff?

The gender-reveal party is sometimes a surprise. You may not have much time to pick a gift. In addition, moms do not expect much at this stage because they have a chance of receiving gifts later. However, if you know about the party in advance, do not show up empty-handed. You can choose any of the following gift ideas for the soon-to-be mom.

Self-care gift box

Pregnancy changes a woman’s world in unexplainable ways. She may not have time to shop for basic self-care products as the pregnancy progresses. A mom-to-be starts shopping for the newborn as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed. Full attention shifts to the baby and a safe delivery process.

When you get a party invite, think of basic self-care items that she may need. You can get a hamper with massage oils, body lotion, and facial and hair-care products. Some stores sell such items as a pack, which makes your selection easy. If she is past the stage of hating new smells, you can buy her favorite perfume.

Spa gift certificate

When we talk about changes that come with pregnancy, massages are part of them. Some massages are risky for expectant moms yet they need massages as many times as possible. Your part as a friend or family member is to pick a spa where she can get a pregnant-safe massage. Get a gift certificate from the spa and present it at the party. She can pick the most convenient time for her massage.

Pregnancy has a way of isolating women as well, especially from their close friends. The mom’s needs change and the friends may feel overwhelmed. Consider accompanying her to the spa if she is a close friend or family member unless she needs some time alone.


A cake is always welcome at every party. You have an option of a newborn-themed cake or any other cake. For instance, you can buy a diaper-themed cake or one with neutral baby colors. Most gift shops in Kenya deliver cakes as well to their customers. Hence, you do not need to think too much about the details of choosing the theme or delivering it to the destination.  

Consider the size of the party and the possibility of having more than one cake during the party. The host may have organized a cake for the guests. However, people never seem to get enough cake at a party. Also, the host can keep the cake and share it with the family after the party.

Gourmet gift hamper

If you are unsure about the cake or have some details about the host’s plans for ordering a cake, go for a gourmet gift hamper. Such a hamper gives the mom something to snack on after the party. Gourmet gift hampers are sharable and hence add joy to the party. Consider such a hamper or snack box if the mom has other kids.

Avoid gift hampers with alcoholic drinks or many sugary snacks. For instance, you may order a gift hamper with healthy nuts and a few chocolate bars. Pregnant moms know how to take care of their health during the journey. If she cannot eat anything in the basket, she will give it away. Do not forget that dads enjoy snacks as well.

Gift card

A gift card is a perfect gift idea for a gender-reveal party, especially when it is a surprise. As we mentioned, mothers do not expect specific baby gifts at such parties, unless they are in the last trimester. Whatever the case is, you can buy baby stuff later as a gift for a newborn or wait for the baby shower.

Gift shops in Kenya offer gift certificates that allow recipients to choose their favorite items. You also have an option to get a gift card from any store, including kitchenware and clothing stores. A card allows the mom to choose the items she needs. For instance, she can pick the baby items she needs if you give her a gift card from a clothing store. Restaurants also give gift cards, which are perfect for a couple’s dinner.

Maternity clothes

Many mothers host gender-reveal parties in the second trimester. The mom in this case still has some weeks to go before she can wear normal clothes. She can use extra maternity clothes at this stage. Remember that she has little strength to shop for her clothes. The party is an opportunity to add to her wardrobe.

Here is a tip. Try to look for clothes that she can use until delivery or even after. For instance, some dresses have an alternative of wearing them with a belt after delivery. Many new moms struggle to get clothes to wear immediately after giving birth. Do not assume she has it figured out. It never hurts to have enough clothes in the wardrobe.

You have no reason to show up for a gender-reveal party without a gift. The mom may not expect gifts but they communicate your appreciation for the invite and support in the pregnancy journey. Visit gift shops in Kenya for additional gifts and gift ideas for men, women, and kids.

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