Gift Ideas for Men

Gift Ideas for Men: Buying Gifts for an Athlete

If you are looking for a gift for an athlete, start with gift ideas that match his interests. Gift ideas for men that love cycling adventures or running are different from gifts for swimmers. Some athletes prefer to work out in the gym. Hence, you need to go beyond the title and identify his specific interests in athletics.

Before we explore some gifts ideas for athletes, let us look at some factors you should consider before buying any gift.

1. The athlete’s fitness goals

What fitness goals is the recipient trying to achieve? Some people are athletes for life, while others get into athletics with specific goals. For instance, your loved one may be trying to lose excess weight or build lean muscles. The perfect gift ideas should help the man to meet his fitness goals.

2. Availability

We have tons of gift ideas for men that will suit all or specific types of athletes. Some may be unavailable in your city or town. A great idea is to shop online and request delivery to your specific location. Most online gift shops in Nairobi have delivery or shipping services to enable buyers to access the best gifts from their location.

3. Cost

Your budget should guide you when narrowing down gifts ideas. Similar to other items, start shopping with a budget. Buying a pricy gift that costs all your savings may be unnecessary. However, you can start saving early for an expensive gift if it fits your definition of a perfect gift. Most life events that require presents are predictable, allowing you to start shopping early enough.

4. Durability

We are talking about buying gifts for an athlete, meaning that he will use them every day or several days a week. Some athletics are intense and require sturdy equipment and durable attire. Hence, a durable gift is advisable.

5. Personal style

Personal style is an important consideration when shopping for wearable gifts for him. What does he wear when working out or going out for an outdoor trip? Does he prefer specific colors or brands for gym clothes? Observe his style and keep it in mind when exploring gifts.

Gift ideas for athletic men

1. Home exercise kit

Every athlete requires working out from home occasionally, especially when the weather is unfavorable. A home exercise kit is handy in such situations. Your loved one may have a few items or equipment at home. Look for exercise equipment or gear to complete their kit. Alternatively, you can buy a full exercise kit. It may motivate him to keep pursuing his fitness goals.

2. Smart Watch

Athletes use fitness trackers to measure their progress. A smartwatch does more than track fitness goals. The man can stay in touch with his friends on social media, receive email notifications, and messages from a smartwatch. He can also keep track of time while working out.

3. Yoga mat

An alternative to the home exercise kit is a long-lasting yoga mat. Many people improvise a yoga mat with rugs, which do not work as perfectly as yoga mats. A yoga mat is perfect for warm-ups before he heads out to the gym.

4. Water bottles

A water bottle is a must-have for athletes and anyone who works out regularly. You have an option of a customized water bottle or a pack of water bottles in different colors. Give him options to suit different exercise regimes. For instance, hiking may require a larger water bottle than cycling or swimming.

5. Backpack

Backpacks are perfect gift ideas for men from all occupations. A backpack is essential for an athlete to carry a change of clothes, running shoes, water, and other items. If you match it to his style, he will it use for a long time. Buy a durable bag. Dull colors are preferable for outdoor activities.

6. Headphones

Sometimes the perfect gift for an athletic man is right in front of you. Music makes exercising enjoyable. Some athletes use music as a distraction from tough exercises. Headphones are great gifts for such athletes. Do not worry that your man has a pair of headphones in his kit. Change is always welcome, especially to a superior brand.

7. MP3 Player

While thinking about headphones, check if your loved one has a good MP3 player. The reason why he lacks headphones may be that he lacks an MP3 player. Order a classy MP3 player to go with his headphones or earphones. Consider trusted brands to get a durable player that will not distract his exercise routines with breakdowns.

8. Training shoes

The shopping list for an athlete is incomplete without training shoes. Athletes can never get enough pairs of training shoes. If you got a pair for his last birthday or anniversary, get another pair. Remember that comfort is important when working out. Do not compromise on the quality of the shoes.

9. Gloves

We do not want to forget athletes that love boxing. They need tough and comfy gloves in addition to all other exercising gear. Sometimes men are surprised when a loved one thinks of such items. If you are shopping for a boyfriend, buying such items shows that you care about his daily routine.

10. Gift card

Sometimes getting a perfect gift is tough, especially when the athlete has everything he needs for his exercise regime. Get a gift card from a sports shop or any other store with a wide collection of men’s items. A gift card is also perfect for men who are specific with their style and choice of gym gear. The gift card allows him to choose what he needs or wants without worrying about the cost.

We have given you a wide range of gifts ideas for men to consider for an athlete. Ziky Store has many more gifts for men that you can order online. The store will deliver to your doorstep or the recipient’s location. Our team can also help you choose a perfect gift or arrange a gift pack with several items. We have gift ideas to match all budgets and preferences.

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