Gift Ideas for Easter You Can Buy in Gift Shops in Kenya

Kids have too much fun during the Easter holidays. After an intense start to the year, Easter provides a perfect opportunity for rest and fun. For most families, the holiday means traveling. Kids get the best of gifts and holiday destinations. However, gift shops in Kenya have gifts for adults too that families can exchange over Easter.

Why do people ignore gifts over Easter? We just had Christmas and Valentine’s Day, some argue. Others are clueless about adult gift ideas. Let’s break the tradition this Easter. Get some nice gifts for your adult friends and family friends as you shop for kids.

Gift Ideas for Easter

1. Picnic Hamper or Basket

Easter has a few days of holiday for working adults. Some people get a longer period. Hence, picnics are easy to plan for the short holiday. A picnic hamper or basket will give the person a new idea to celebrate Easter.

2. Scented Candles

The Easter holiday is sacred in Christian circles. While many families travel, some stay at home and reflect on the meaning of the season. Scented candles create a relaxing mood and calm atmosphere for meditation. A gift box of assorted scented candles will go well with the theme of the season.

3. Luxury Pajamas

Kids get new pajamas every Easter. Let us not even start with how the tradition started. Why do we leave adults out? Break the tradition and buy everyone in the house a new set of pajamas. Since they already have some, buy luxury brands that they will never forget.

4. Bath and Body Works

Self-care never goes out of fashion. Hence, personal care products fit every season. Help your loved ones upgrade their bath and body care packs with luxury products. Gift shops in Kenya give you multiple gift ideas in this line, including shower gels, massage oils, deodorants, and body cream. A body care pack is perfect for loved ones planning to travel for the holiday.

5. Watches

Watches are among the few gift ideas that suit every occasion. Many people like fashionable watches. They just do not know where to buy them. Do not worry that you have never seen the person wearing a watch. The person will wear it if it comes as a gift. Explore gifts shops with watches for men and women to pick durable luxury watches.

6. Perfume

We know what you are thinking. They are perfume shops everywhere in the city and you do not know the person’s taste. The argument is valid if you are thinking of common perfume brands. If you pick a designer perfume, it will cost you more but it will be irresistible. A change of fragrance is always welcome as long as it is not a cheap brand. Allow trusted gift shops in Kenya recommend the best perfume brands for gifts.

7. Flowers

Yes, you read that right. Flowers are perfect for Easter. We know you just gave a bunch for Valentine but the feel of flowers never changes. They say more than your words can, and they are affordable. If you are unsure about other gift ideas, order a beautiful floral combination. You may go for fresh or dry flowers. Both work perfectly for gifts.

8. Chocolate and wine

A holiday means a series of celebrations. For some, an event is incomplete without a glass of wine. If you are thinking of a wine lover, get them their favorite. Alternatively, get a top brand and inspire them to change. If you are reluctant to deliver a bottle of wine alone, combine it with a box of chocolate to soothe their sweet teeth.

9. Art

Art wins the hearts of many people. You can go for Easter-themed art or choose any other theme. Remember the art piece will remain in their homes after the holiday. If you have visited their homes, try to get an art piece that blends with their interior décor. You do not have to settle for paintings or wall hangings. Decorative items such as floor pillows or printed pillow covers will do the magic.

10. Tickets

We will leave this one to you to choose based on their interests. Do they deserve movie tickets or football game tickets? You can get tickets for a family as well. The secret is to avoid disrupting their holiday plans unless you are thinking of your spouse, partner, or family members.

11. Gift Box

The tricky part of buying Easter gifts is that the recipient shares them with the family. It is almost impossible to separate family from Easter. Do not worry about that. Instead, buy a gift box with assorted candy, chocolates, biscuits, and every other sweet thing you can think of for a family. Gift shops in Kenya organize such gift boxes and deliver them to your doorstep. Alternatively, you can buy an Easter basket and fill it with your favorite items, including mini eggs to keep up with the season.

12. Jewelry

Jewelry is a perfect fit if you are thinking of someone close to you. Consider the type of jewelry that the person wears often and get something similar or close to their style. You can order quality jewelry online from trusted gift shops. Bracelet watches can also serve as jewelry gifts.

13. Gift cards

Gift cards are not the last resort. Giving a gift card does not mean that you were too lazy to pick a gift. Gift cards are perfect for all events and holidays. You may give a person or family a chance to get something they need but cannot ask for it. A gift card ends the guesswork and worries about unacceptable gifts. In fact, your gift card might be all they need or get for Easter so go for it.

14. Cake

Yes! We cannot end our list of ideas without mentioning an Easter-themed cake. We are yet to come across a family that resists cake in the holiday season. Even those on a strict diet will take a bite. In case of doubt, buy assorted cupcakes, especially for families with kids. You will make new best friends immediately.

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