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Gift Guide: How to Regift Gifts without Embarrassing Yourself

Gift Guide: How to Regift Gifts without Embarrassing Yourself

Do you have unused items or unwanted gifts in your home? Regifting is one way of dealing with such items. You spent money on them and so did the person who gave you the gifts. However, regifting can be embarrassing if you do it wrong. In this gift guide, we give you tips for regifting the right way to avoid any embarrassment.

1. Be discreet

One of the reasons why regifting goes wrong is that people share the secret with too many people. You do not know all the connections the recipient has or may create in the future. People have a way of forgetting and sharing secrets at the wrong time. The information may not come out immediately after the event but months or even years later.

Your best bet is to keep the move to yourself. Remove any price tags or bar codes that may sell the secret. Repackage the item the best way and give it without calling a meeting about the gift. In addition, avoid talking about unwanted gifts when you receive them. Your close connections may remember them when you present them as new gifts in the future.

2. Regift outside your circle

This tip is important if you are unsure about your discretion with unwanted gifts. If you had the recipient in your circle for a long time, he or she may have seen the item in your home or office. If you are quick to share details of your gifts or open gifts with your family members or friends, the memories may come back.

When you think of regifting an item, think of a person outside your close connection. You are safer with a distant relationship. However, if the person is very close and open to the idea of regifting, you can be honest about the gift. Some people will actually ask for an item they admire in your home as a gift. In such cases, avoid regifting such items on special occasions. Instead, give them as random gifts.

3. Restrict regifting to new items

We cannot emphasize this enough in this gift guide. Regifting is not an opportunity to declutter your home. It is neither the time to get rid of worn out item, unless if you want to embarrass yourself. If a friend has a birthday, wedding, graduation, or holiday celebration, think about new items or gifts only.

Sometimes it helps to turn the tables for a moment. Would you like to receive unused items as gifts? It just feels awkward because you do not know how the previous owner handled the item. You are likely to receive it with a smile and pile it. The recipient may act the same way if you regift a used item.

We must emphasize that the nature of the relationship and occasion may allow you to break the rules. For instance, a close relative may appreciate something they have always admired or even asked for from you. They already know the item is used so you can give it without any guilt. However, for all other occasions, restrict yourself to new items.

4. Be thoughtful

When we talk about new items in this gift guide, we do not mean that everything new is worth regifting. You must ask yourself some questions before repackaging an item. Why did you not like it? Why have you not used it yet? Is it in good condition and usable? We are not on a mission to give away all the bad stuff that you cannot use.

You must be thoughtful of the recipient. The item must be meaningful and useful to the person. For instance, for wearable items, whatever you give should fit. It should also match their style and class. Sometimes it helps to wait a little longer until you find the perfect match for an item that you want to re-gift.

Speaking of being thoughtful, consider the packaging as well. Do not use the same wrapping or box that you got with the item or unused gift. Try a different packaging design. You may have ruined the packaging when opening it. In addition, try to personalize the gift or add something that will make it special. For instance, you may send it with a bunch of flowers, a card, or a handwritten note with a special message.

5. Be honest if confronted

You have done everything you can to remain discreet, give outside your circle, and personalize the gift. However, sometimes things go wrong and the recipient finds out that the item is regifted. Small detail on the item or packaging may give it away. Someone at the party may remember the item.

If the recipient or anyone at the party asks about it, be honest. However, be quick to mention that you liked the item, never used it before, and thought it would be perfect for the recipient. You can turn the awkward moment into a special moment and give the gift a new meaning. It depends on your response and attitude.


Regifting is a good way of handling unwanted gifts politely. Sometimes it saves you from showing up for a special event without a gift when you cannot afford to buy one. The thought of picking a gift for another person counts more than the amount we spend. We hope that our gift guide has taught you how to regift the right way. Visit our website for more gifting tips and gift ideas.

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