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Gift Giving: How to Be Generous Without Hurting Yourself Financially

Many of us strive toward generosity. In fact, it is such a huge part of most of our cultures that we feel guilty when we withhold something. We are taught to share and give the best gifts on important occasions. However, gift giving should not hurt you in any way, especially financially.

You cannot afford to be generous to others while being mean to yourself. It is very tempting to keep on giving costly gifts. Sometimes we go further and give all of our time to our loved ones and friends. We have little time, money, and strength left to take care of ourselves. If you are in this phase, immediate change is necessary.

Generosity does not mean that you meet all of your loved ones’ needs. You do not need to give more than you have, even your time. How do you navigate through giving gifts of any kind without hurting yourself?

Be honest and realistic about your finances

The easy road when buying gifts is to ignore your bank balances and monthly or yearly budget. You just buy stuff, give, and then look at the balance. You do not want to face the reality of going beyond your budget or personal financial goals.

The fact that you can afford expensive gifts does not mean that you should buy them every time. Take the tough road. Set strict financial goals and follow them no matter what occasion comes in between the timelines.

Before you go to online gift shops in Nairobi or physical stores, check your bank balance and budget. Set a budget for the gift and be disciplined enough to stick to the budget. Shopping online helps you with this part. You can compare prices before ordering gifts or visiting physical stores. Start online to discover the items that suit your budget.

Overcome the guilt of cutting your budget

One of the reasons why people overspend on gifts is self-inflicted guilt. The guilt is often motivated by the fear of disappointing others. If you have a reputation for giving expensive gifts, you fear that cutting down your spending will disappoint others.

You may want to keep up with your reputation or other people’s expectations. However, you will end up hurting yourself emotionally and financially. First, a healthy relationship should never be about the price of gifts or any material stuff.

It is perfectly fine to give the best to the people who matter to you. However, your inability to keep up with a certain trend or spending spree should not affect the relationship. If making sound financial decisions affects a person’s attitude towards you, it may be time to evaluate the relationship.

You are not obliged to give any gift you can’t afford

Here is a fact about gift giving that we all do not want to admit. Some recipients are manipulative. They start demanding certain gifts before the event or occasion because they think or know you can afford the gifts. The expectation could be based on past gifts.

Set yourself free from this manipulative trap. You are not obliged to give any gift on an occasion that you cannot afford. Buy what you can no matter the pressure the person gives. As mentioned earlier, true friends appreciate any gift. They will not change their attitude when you start organizing your finances and giving only gifts that you cannot afford.

Sometimes the pressure comes from within. The person did not ask for any particular gift but you rob your own bank account because you feel obliged. You need to drop that obligation and shift your attention to you for a minute. You are obligated to maintain a healthy relationship with your finances first before pleasing others on their special days.

Explore different without a price tag

We cannot ignore the role of generosity in building meaningful relationships. Some people do so much for us that we are indebted to treat them well and give them the best gifts. Instead of opting for cheap gifts to meet your budget, consider alternative gifts that do not cost money. They may cost you time and energy but not money.

If you have not explored this option before, think of skills that you possess that you can share with the recipient. For instance, you can spend time with a close friend or family member teaching him or her to prepare your best recipe. Think of an experience as well, such as a hike, trip, or game in your neighborhood that the person may enjoy.


In this business of gift giving and receiving from friends, you will get many items that you cannot use. Sometimes you are attracted to an item in a store but rethink your decision when you get home. Such items make great gifts when your finances are low. You will be surprised at how much you are holding back that other people can use.

Before you jump on to regifting, ensure that the item is new and in perfect condition. Also, ensure that the recipient needs or can use it. This is not a trip to declutter your house or closet. You are expressing generosity with items that you like but cannot use at that moment.

Sometimes regifting works best when you give something that you really need. Your close connections must see the value you attach to your relationships no matter the gift option that you choose. While at it, consider combining different items when regifting if you have many unused gifts or items in your store.

Final thoughts

Gift giving is fun and fulfilling. The results in terms of stronger relationships are worth the hustle of picking the perfect gift for each person and occasion. However, you must express generosity first to yourself before extending it to others. Generosity on special occasions should not leave you in financial turmoil. Have the courage to make better financial decisions this year without any guilt or regret.

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