Flower Delivery Nairobi: 5 Floral Bouquet Ideas for Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s Day without flowers is almost unimaginable. Everyone subconsciously expects some flowers to come with the gift. A floral bouquet adds something extra to your gift. If you get it right, you can give the bouquet as a gift. One look at a beautiful floral bouquet brings so much joy, especially for women.

Red roses are popular on Valentine’s Day. However, you can step out of the box for your significant other and get something different. Remember that you can use flower delivery Nairobi services to surprise your loved one. The surprise deliveries to the office are timeless.

First, let us look at some of the bouquets you can order.

Red Roses

Long-stemmed roses are classic. They never go out of style. Try modern arrangements of red roses and other colors. You can grab a bunch of red roses and get away with it! However, your significant other deserves better.

Break the red monotony with white or pink roses. Long-stemmed roses give the recipient the freedom to preserve their freshness in a vase. That should not limit you with the packaging. An exquisite box of roses with a bottle of wine or chocolate to go with it is irresistible.

Rose Lilies

Lilies for Valentine’s? Yes, we know you do not expect it, and neither does your loved one. Rose lilies are unpopular among lovers. They have an element of sophistication and elegance. You can give pure creamy lilies alone or mix them with other roses.

Try something different this Valentine. Rose lilies bring joy and calmness in one package. They can change a person’s mood instantly. Search for same-day flower delivery Nairobi services to order fresh lilies.

Pink Tulips

Tulips come in different colors, including purple, pink, red, white, and yellow. You can mix them up or choose one color but pink tulips express love in a special way. Pink tulips are a perfect gift if you do not want to go too far from the classic red flowers.

Here is a tip. Do not worry too much about the meaning of tulips or their different colors. Everybody knows what you are trying to say on Valentine’s Day. It is all about love, and your loved one gets it.


After giving orchids, the first question you should expect is where you found them. Orchids are rare, and so is your kind of love. Orchids come in various colors, such as pink, purple, red, white, yellow, and orange. Purple orchids are easier to find than other colors.

Pink orchids communicate joy and innocence, while purple orchids show dignity and admiration. Go any for any of the two colors this Valentine’s Day.

Dried flowers

We recommend some gifts to go with the flowers below. Everyone complains about how fast flowers wither. That is expected with fresh flowers. Consider dried flowers if the floral bouquet is your only gift

Dried flowers last forever, so you need to get the best arrangement in the market. You do not have to settle for roses though they make unique arrangements. Dried floral bouquets give you a chance to be creative. Explore different flower boxes from flower delivery Nairobi shops to accompany the following gifts.

Best Gift Ideas to Send With Valentine Flowers

We have the flower bouquet figured out. What else can you send with flowers? Remember, flowers alone are a good gift if you are on a budget. However, an extra gift is always welcome.

Chocolates: You guessed it! A bar of chocolate or a box of assorted chocolate goes well with romantic flowers. Go for the best brand of chocolate and be specific in your order. Hey, it is Valentine’s Day!

A bottle of wine: If your significant other enjoys a glass of wine, get a bottle of wine to go with the flowers. It helps if you know the person’s favorite brand. If not, go for the best wine. They say wine gets better with age. Take the hint. Do not forget the wine glass.

A card: Most flower delivery services in Nairobi will write a small note to go with the flowers. You can send a personalized Valentine’s card instead of the note. A heart-felt warm message will express the meaning of the flowers better than words.

Gift hampers: Gift boxes come in handy when you want to give several items. For instance, you can pack different hygiene products in a gift box or assorted candles. A gourmet gift basket is a great idea, especially if you are thinking of a picnic.

Teddy bear: This may surprise some men, but some women never outgrow teddy bears. Something about snuggly teddy bears that women cannot resist. Teddy bears are good gifts for girlfriends. Try to blend the color of the teddy bear with the color of flowers.

Cake: What is an occasion without cake? If you are sending flowers to one person, cupcakes are perfect. A box of assorted cupcakes goes well with a bunch of flowers and wine. You can also go all out with a personalized Valentine-themed cake.

A book: If you are planning to surprise your mum, consider a good book as a gift. Books make good gifts for men and women of all ages. Older women have enough time to read, but that does not exclude your girlfriend. Play safe with an inspiration book if you are unsure about the person’s preference. However, you can buy a romance novel if your significant other enjoys such reads.

Jewelry: A well-packaged piece of jewelry is a perfect Valentine’s gift. Think of a bracelet watch, gold chain, earrings, or a ring. Visit the gifts shops in Nairobi for jewelry gifts for her or him. You can also shop online if you trust the brand or gift shop to deliver the best.

You cannot go wrong with a bouquet and a gift to go with it. Use flower delivery Nairobi services to send fresh flowers. Your loved one is secretly expecting flowers. Surprise them with a different arrangement to make this year’s Valentine’s Day memorable.

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