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Corporate Gifts: How to Buy Gifts for a Team

Picking a gift for one person can be an uphill task especially for the hard-to-please individuals. The dynamics are tougher and different when picking gifts for a team. You need corporate gifts that will please everyone in a team but every individual has a different taste and style. How do you pick gifts that make everyone in team appreciated within the company’s budget?

Consider the occasion and purpose

Why are you giving gifts? Are you appreciating the team for its contribution or outstanding performance? Are you looking for gifts for the end-of-year party? The purpose and event helps you to choose the right gifts. For instance, the gift for outstanding performance should be good enough to motivate other teams to outdo the winning team.

Uniform gifts at the end of the year are a good gesture that the company values each employee. Alternatively, you can pick many random gifts and allow employees to pick random tickets to choose a gift. Always have the company’s need for motivated employees when choosing gifts and gifting events.

Look at the recipients

Picking corporate gifts for a large team is a bigger challenge than buying gifts for a small team. For a small team, you can pick personalized team based on each personality in the team. Gifting is easier if you have worked with the team for a while. You can tell what each person may like or appreciate from the employer.

For large teams, consider what the team may need in general instead of considering personal needs. For instance, after a hard fight to win, a team may need a time off to recover. A wellness program, holiday, or trip out of town will fit a worn out team. You can also get gift cards for them to relax with their families if a team trip is impossible.

Team building needs

Packaged gifts are easy to find and give away. However, the individuals may easily forget and go back to the work routine. Consider team-building opportunities where possible to strengthen the team further. Many recreation sites have team building activities and instructors. The activities can be customized to suit your teams.

If you are running or working in a large organization, you can organize different activities and locations for each department. Such events give the team people time to bond and learn to work together better besides meeting work goals together.

Consider your budget

Many business owners are tempted to go overboard with corporate gifts given their impact on employee motivation. The assumption is that expensive gifts will increase employee commitment and loyalty. It takes more that random gifts to keep employees. In addition, employees can tell when an employer is trying to buy their loyalty with money.

Set a budget for gifts and stick to it. The business must keep running despite the events that come within the year. Job security is more important to the workers than the gifts for a month’s or quarter’s performance. You can improve the gifts over the years but they should push the company beyond its annual budget.

Set a reasonable timeline

The right timeline to pick the right gifts will depend on the size of the team and type of gifts in mind. Consider the time you need to look for gifts and customize them for individuals or for a team. If you are planning a getaway, think about the time needed to plan such an event for the team. You may need to give the team enough time to prepare for such a gift.

Many companies prefer to add their logos to their gifts. The gift shop requires time to engrave the gifts, especially for a large time. You may have tons of gift ideas but the time aspect can help you to narrow down to few categories that you can order within the timeline. In addition, set aside enough time to vet gift shops and select a reliable delivery service.

Be creative with the presentation

A small budget or a large team should not limit your corporate gifts to small items or company products. You may start there but your teams will soon get bored of receiving the same type of kinds. Eventually, you become predictable. Employees lose the enthusiasm and fun of gifting events.

You can make gifting fun even with the smallest gifts. For instance, the presentation can be a fun game instead of handing over packages to one person as a time. Consider the wrapping as well when shopping for gifts. The presentation of the gifts should represent the excellence and creativity you require of your employees.

Ask for help

Your job as a manager or entrepreneur is to build the business. Your job is far beyond exciting employees or throwing the best party for them. No activity should distract you from the main thing. A small gifting event can take all your time and distract operations in the office.

Your first choice is to delegate the task to another employee. However, the whole process may distract the person as well. The better choice is to ask help from a trusted gift store. The move will take the pressure off you or other managers to pick the perfect corporate gifts.

Outsource gifting as you outsource other services. Give clear details of what you need, including the personalities of the team members and purpose of giving gifts. The store can customize the gifts or engrave them to remind the recipient of the source or event. Allow the masters of the game to handle the small details while everyone in the organization focuses on their job responsibilities.

We can help. Contact us if you need help in picking gifts for your team.

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