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Corporate Gifts: Benefits of Giving Gifts to Your Employees

Many employers wait until the end-of-year party or event to give gifts to their employees. In most cases, the gifts are rewards for outstanding performance, which leaves out some employees. Some companies have a culture of celebrating birthdays with cake and birthday wishes. Such celebrations are a good start. However, corporate gifts should be intentional and random at the same time. Employers should adopt the habit of surprising employees with gifts throughout the year instead of waiting for performance-based rewards.

Benefits of Giving Gifts to Your Employees

If you run a small business with a handful of employees, do not exclude yourself from this discussion. Simple gifts will bring the following benefits to your business.

1. Gifts bring happiness

A gift always brings joy and smiles to the recipient. Even the simplest gifts will make an employee happy, especially when he or she did not expect them. The workplace is stressful as employees try to meet their performance targets. Employees handle customers every day and some of them are cruel. Conflicts in the workplace also contribute to work-related stress.

Do not ignore any signs of stress or strain in your office. Break the work monotony and introduce games or small events that will earn random employees gifts. Alternatively, you can gift all employees for their daily contribution to your business. Such corporate gifts will break the stress cycle and bring happiness to the recipients.

2. Motivation

Gifts are a great and inexpensive way to motivate employees. They boost the morale and motivation of employees to keep growing your business. Gifts show that you care about the employees. You are interested in their welfare and happiness, not just profits. If gift-giving is part of the corporate culture, employees will be motivated to come to the office because they cannot predict the surprises.

We need to mention here that you can give non-monetary gifts, especially if you are running a small business. A gift can be an afternoon, day, or week off work in addition to the paid annual leave. It could be gifts for their children, company products, or access to events or training that will help them achieve their career goals.

3. Stronger Relationships

As you share gifts and happiness, you are improving your relationship with employees. Remember that employees can tell if you are just trying to buy their loyalty with gifts. You must show your genuine care in other ways such as your language and tone when speaking to them. The gift-giving events create opportunities for employees to bond and improve co-worker relationships. For instance, team challenges that lead to a team or individual gifts will strengthen teamwork within the organization.

4. Commitment

Building stronger relationships and a fun working space boost commitment in your company. People do not leave organizations or institutions but people. Your turnover rate will be high if the environment and relationships in the office are toxic. Think of corporate gifts as a way of convincing employees to stay with you even if you are not the best-paying employer in the industry. If employees are sure of your commitment to their welfare and growth, they will be committed to building your business.

Corporate gift ideas

We cannot end this discussion without giving your ideas of the types of gifts you can buy for your employees. The gifts are perfect for any type of business.

1. Company products or services: Giving company products may be the cheapest option based on the prices of your products. Give free products or services if they are appropriate and useful to employees.

2. Wearable gifts: We see branded t-shirts and caps every day on the streets. In most cases, businesses give branded wearable gifts to employees and customers. They make look the same but they are always appreciated.

3. Watches and accessories: A good watch or set of accessories is perfect for any occasion. The employee will keep them for years because the best watches on the market are durable. Watches are recommended for a person’s special occasion such as a birthday or milestone in his or her career.

4. Diaries: Your employees need new diaries at the beginning of each year. Branded diaries are the best because they market your business everywhere the recipient goes.

5. Laptop bags: When choosing laptop bags, pick unique designs with good materials or fabric. You will be surprised at how many employees have piles of unused laptop bags because of the poor designs.

6. Mugs: You can order mugs from any gift shop in Nairobi with relevant messages. For instance, gift shops sell mugs with special messages for mothers, fathers, and special friends. The recipient may end up using the mugs in the office as reminders of the special day.

7. Notepads: Keep the supply of notepads or notebooks constant throughout the year. You can add branded pens as well. We are in the age of paperless office spaces but many people still prefer handwritten notes, especially in meetings.

8. Gourmet gift baskets: A gourmet gift hamper will change the mood in the office instantly. The recipient may want to share the items in it and celebrate with other employees. Hence, you need to consider the number of employees in the office or department when giving gourmet gifts.

9. Gift cards: You do not have to pick a gift for employees, especially when you do not know what they need or like. Gift cards turn the tables and allow them to choose what they want. You can get gift cards from large stores, restaurants, and gift shops.

10. Holidays: Consider holiday trips for your employees and their families if your business can afford them. An alternative is to give employees time off to go on holiday or spend time with their families.

Corporate gifts can help you build your business faster as your build stronger relationships. Visit our store for more gift ideas and gifts for all occasions, including corporate events, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, graduation, and anniversaries.

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