Buying the Best Gifts for Mom- Unique Gift Ideas for 2022

Moms are special! We know that they deserve the best when it comes to gifts. However, picking the best gifts for mom is not always easy. You start thinking about all the things she had done for you over the years. Thoughts flood your mind of all the gifts she has given you, some that money cannot buy.

Some moms are hard to please. They either have everything you would think of or are very choosy. Nevertheless, they deserve gifts too like other moms. In this article, we will suggest unique gifts that moms find hard to resist. Do not wait for Mother’s Day. Surprise her today with one or more of these gifts.

Flowers subscription

We know that women love flowers but moms take the love a notch further. Many moms enjoy fresh flowers every few days of the week. If she cannot pick them up from her farm, she will order some. Think about a week flower subscription from a florist nearby. Ensure that the florist supplies her favorite flower combinations. She will feel the love every time the doorbell rings for the flower delivery.

Customized jewelry

Your mom probably has all kinds of jewelry by now. She might also be picky with jewelry. We know how moms get as they age. However, a customized jewelry set is unique and irresistible. For instance, you can get a customized mother-daughter necklace or bracelet. You can also get jewelry that spells her birthday month or an important date in her life. Remember to buy jewelry that matches her style or wardrobe.

A pack of inspirational cards

Getting the perfect gift might be easier than you think. Remember that we are looking for the best gifts for mom that will leave a lasting impression on her. Older mothers have enough time to read daily mindfulness or inspirational cards after kids leave the house. If she is an empty nester, the cards will keep her going and remind her of the great job she did in raising her kids.

Garden toolbox

Moms in rural settings or with a garden around the house spend most of their time in the garden. In fact, many parents insist on retiring to a farmhouse. We can almost guess with accuracy that you have little or no time to help with gardening. You can make it easy for her with a garden toolset. The tools here will depend on the type of plants in her garden.

Magazine or book club subscription

Reading keeps most parents busy. We may have moved to digital subscriptions but some of our parents still prefer printed books and magazines. You know your mom’s favorite magazine. Most monthly publications have a subscription option. The publishers will deliver her favorite magazine to her doorstep as soon as it is released. An alternative is to register her in a book club near her residence. Many book clubs are free but members must buy the books. You got the perfect opportunity to make her look good among her peers.

Reading glasses

We have recommended books and magazines among the best gifts for mom. Does she need reading glasses? When is the last time she upgraded them? Most parents stick to the old frame for years as long as they can read. Well, your part is to make her look stylish at her age while reading. She may put up a fight at first but if you find something unique, she will love it. Here are additional tips for choosing the best gift for her.

Holiday with family

Holidays for moms are different. She may not enjoy being alone on an island somewhere if she is already living alone. Such a holiday may suit a working mom with family responsibilities. However, every mom dreams of a getaway from the norm. We recommend a family holiday including her grandkids if she has any. Moms have an unexplained connection with grandkids that is better than any gift you can buy.

Skincare gift hamper

Your mom spent all her time and energy taking care of you and your siblings. She may have missed taking care of herself. Give that opportunity back with skincare products. Here is an open secret. Women fight age with everything, especially when it begins to show on their faces. Buy your moms the best products for her age. We recommend natural skincare products, including essential oils. Give her the pack and wait for the glow in the next family meeting.

A home makeover

We know how it goes. Parents build a home for their kids and forget about renovations when tuition fees and other bills set in. If you can, renovate your mom’s retirement home. We cannot promise a smooth ride at the beginning because parents get attached to the design they choose years ago. However, you can fix what is broken or give a new look with new décor items. For instance, you buy customized floor pillows and pillow covers or change old curtains. If she allows it, go all out with the home makeover.

Personalized gifts

Personalized items are great reminders of your appreciation of your mom’s love and hard work. Gift shops in Nairobi stock a variety of personalized gifts. You can go with comfortable tees with beautiful messages or hoodies for the cold weather. Alternatively, buy personalized coffee mugs, customized flower vases, or photo frames. Think of her portrait or a family portrait as well.


Cooking never ends for mothers even after their kids are grown. She will find reasons to host her friends for tea or dinner. This means that you will never go wrong with kitchenware. Check the items in the kitchen that have been used for years. It may be time to get her new baking ware and replace the blender or the oven. A new dinner set will give her new confidence to invite friends for a meal. The options in this category are endless. Be keen on your next home visit. You will pick the next gift easily.

Every day is mother’s day in our world. The ideas we have shared are a good place to start with the next gift. Visit our store for more options for the best gifts for mom and make her sunset years exciting.

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