Best birthday gifts for a girlfriend

Best Birthday Gifts for a Girlfriend – Top Custom Gifts

You got the hardest part of your love life out of the way. You got the girl of your dreams. The next part is to make every birthday memorable. Before we give your ideas of the best birthday gifts for a girlfriend, let us get something else out of the way. You cannot forget it!

Memorize it. Stick it on your fridge or mirror. Set a reminder. Create enough time to prepare for it and make each year memorable. Let us now talk about the thoughtful gifts you can give to surprise her.


Jewelry gifts last for ages. If you get the right piece, your girlfriend will treasure it for life. Before you start shopping, check her style. Does she wear jewelry at all?

Some women do not wear any jewelry, while others wear heavy jewelry. Here is the thing, whether it is light or heavy, it cannot be cheap. You may need to save for it or buy one unique piece.

Compare different jewelry and gift shops for gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, silver rings, brooches, and other unique pieces. The best surprise of all time is an engagement ring on her birthday. Consider a proposal on her big day if your relationship is at that level.

Gift box

A gift box gives you the freedom to pick several items with different meanings or messages and give them as one gift. It has an element of surprise that girlfriends enjoy. She will be excited right from the packaging and presentation.

The items in a gift box can range from jewelry pieces, assorted candy, makeup products to dry flowers and wine. Different flavors of cupcakes and chocolates are great ideas, especially if you are on a budget.

Remember to include a card or a small note with a special message to spice it up. You do not need to know everything about gifts to surprise her. If you are unsure about the items, check the packages in gift shops in Kenya. Ask for help.

Flowers and chocolate

Flowers have a way of getting into anyone’s heart, no matter the occasion. A bouquet of flowers is enough to speak your heart’s language. However, you can add something else to it, like a bar of chocolate.

Birthdays are liberal. Consider an arrangement of different colors of roses. You can pick red roses, lilies, white or pink roses, orchids, or gerberas. If you want the best birthday gifts for a girlfriend, be unpredictable. Give her a new combination of flowers.


A handbag fits a stylish woman who likes to complete her look with a good bag. You need to observe the kind of bag that your girlfriend carries. The office handbag is often different from the casual handbag.

If she likes backpacks, go for one. She might not use a handbag if she spends most of her time outdoors. A designer bag is good but not a requirement. Buy a quality bag within your budget that suits her style.

A Watch

We consider watches safe gifts for all occasions. You are giving her the gift of time. If you choose a luxury or bracelet watch, you add to her wardrobe. Good watches last a lifetime. She will never forget that birthday.

Ladies’ watches come in different styles and colors. We recommend neutral colors or watches with extra straps. If you are sure about her favorite color, go for it.

A self-care package

Women care about body care and beauty products more than you think. However, good self-care products are expensive. Your girlfriend will appreciate a good package with the best products in the market.

Now, you may be clueless about her preferred brand. Check her range of products and note the best brand. Alternatively, ask her opinion of a particular brand or line of products. Her close friends or family can help you pick the right brand.

The information may be challenging to get in a new relationship. Gift shops can recommend the best birthday gifts for a girlfriend. Combine different products such as body wash, hair care products, and skincare products from the same line or brand.

Customized items

Personalized gifts never go out of style. However, you can move away from the mugs and cups to wearable gifts and décor items. For instance, customized fleece blankets or pillow covers are great gifts.

Other personalized gifts you can consider are customized wallets, glassware, stationery, or matching t-shirts. Choose a quality item to customize. You need a gift she can use for a long time.

Fine wine

Wine is an excellent gift for wine lovers. If she enjoys a glass of wine, buy her favorite brand or try something new. The trick is to buy a bottle she cannot get in the local stores. It cannot be cheap wine even if you are on a budget.

A customized wine glass or a pack of unique glasses goes well with fine wine. You can also combine the wine with a bouquet or a gift hamper.


What’s a birthday without cake? Go wild with the birthday cake. Some people deliver different cakes at different locations to make it special. However, you can have a themed cake for the birthday celebration.

Cakes are perfect gifts when you are looking for affordable birthday gifts. A well-baked and designed cake with a bouquet is enough to make a birthday special. If she prefers a quiet birthday, buy cupcakes in different flavors for the two of you.

Dream trip

We often think of tangible gifts for birthdays. However, the best birthday gift for your girlfriend may be her dream trip. Women do not keep secrets, especially their dream holiday destinations. They talk about the places all the time.

If she has not mentioned it yet, ask where she wishes to spend her next holiday. It does not get better than visiting your dream holiday destination with your boyfriend on your birthday.

We have given you a few ideas of the best birthday gifts for a girlfriend to consider for this year’s birthday. You can get more ideas in gifts shops in Kenya. Your thoughtfulness and presence are more important than any gift you can give. So, do not forget to spend the day with her besides buying the best gift.

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