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7 Factors to Consider When Buying Watches in Kenya

A watch does more than showing you the time with a simple glance. A good watch is a perfect accessory that compliments your outfit. It tells the world your sense of style, fashion, and taste for accessories. Hence, you need to put more thought when buying watches in Kenya. That sounds easy but what should you be looking for when comparing different brands?

1. Wrist fit

A watch must fit your wrist perfectly. Otherwise, it will keep sliding up and down when you move your hand, which is irritating. You will shelf it within days or keep putting it on and off depending on the activities. Such an experience beats the purpose of buying a wristwatch. Consider the ability to adjust the strap to a perfect fit, especially for metallic bands. The case diameter and thickness should also match your wrist size.

2. Case Material

You need a watch with durable case materials. The case materials determine the prices of watches. For instance, Rolex watches are expensive because of the materials and gemstones used. Alternative brands also vary in prices based on the type and thickness of case materials. Prioritize water-resistant, shock-resistant, and long-lasting materials that maintain their properties over the years. Your watch should be safe in case of an accidental fall, pressure, or contact with water. Most manufacturers will indicate the water depth that is safe for a watch model, especially for sports watches.

3. The Band

After examining the watchcase carefully, the next consideration is the band materials. Watches in Kenya have various types of bands including leather, stainless steel, plastic, fabric, and rubber. Let us look at each band material separately.

Leather bands: The bands are comfortable, adjustable, and versatile. Watchmakers use different kinds of leather to meet various needs. Some leather watches have several bands in different colors. You can change from one set of bands to another to match your style. Remember that fake leather is also in the market and hence the need to identify watches with genuine leather bands.

Stainless steel: The material is common in many watches. It is the strongest band material in the market. Stainless steel bands are durable and rust-resistant. The differentiating factor with this material is the clasp type, which determines if the watch is a perfect fit or not. Check the clasp type and the possibility of adjusting the strap to fit your wrist.

Plastic: Plastic bands have many advantages, including impact resistance, shock absorption, comfort, and water resistance. You have little to worry about when wearing a plastic watch. Plastic bands are common in sports and smartwatches because of their intended use. Some casual watches also have plastic bands. Getting a perfect fit on a plastic band is easy. In addition, the bands are comfortable and durable.

Rubber: Rubber bands have similar benefits as plastic bands. They are shock-resistant, water-resistant, comfortable, and durable. Divers and athletes require such materials because of the rough environment. Kids’ watches also have rubber or plastic bands for long service life.

Fabric: Fabric bands are stylish and versatile. You can match the color of your outfit with the watchband and stand out. The bands come in different textures, colors, prints, and styles. They are different from other bands that flood the market.

4. Personal Style

What is your style? Do you like bold accessories that stand out in your outfit or simple but elegant accessories? Whatever your style is, watch shops in Kenya have a watch to match it. You may admire many models in the market but if they do not match your style, you will soon get bored of the models. In fact, you may not wear a watch often that does not match your style. Do not leave your sense of style behind when ordering watches in Kenya.

5. Functions and Features

Traditional watch models show the time and date. For some buyers, the two features are enough. However, new models of smartwatches and sports watches track your fitness metrics such as your heart rate, walking or running speed, distance covered, and calories burnt. The models also have a GPS function to give you direction in any city or town. Other differentiating features in watches are the possibility of replacing straps and the color of straps. Men’s pocket watches have also returned to the market. You cannot exhaust the choices in the market today.    

6. Maintenance needs

A new watch looks nice and sparkly. However, your choice determines whether you will enjoy the same look for many years. You must consider the maintenance needs to keep the watch in perfect condition. For instance, how often do you need to replace the straps? Are they replaceable? Does the watch come with extra pairs of straps or will you need to buy new straps? How long is the battery life? Can you find a replacement easily? Another consideration is the strength and durability of the case. What happens if the watch falls or contacts water? All these questions are necessary if you are looking for a good watch with long service life.

7. Value for your money

Watches in Kenya vary in price based on the features and function. You must be ready to spend a little more if you want the best of the case and band materials. You may not need a luxury brand or the most expensive watch in town. However, every coin you spend on a product should be worth the investment. Most watches have limited chances of resale, except luxury brands. Hence, the seller should give you value for the price you pay for a watch. A high price does not always guarantee a top-quality watch. It could be a marketing tactic to attract a specific market segment. Use the list of factors shared here to determine if the price matches the quality, features, and durability of the timepiece.

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