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5 Reasons to Buy a Smart Watch in 2022

Smart watches have become popular with the advent of new designs with multiple functionalities. Consquently, many watch lovers have moved from traditional watches to enjoy the benefits of smart watches. Modern designs of smart watches in Kenya are customizable to suit the wearer’s lifestyle and daily activities. Despite the amazing features and functionality, many people are unsure about buying a smart watch. A smart phone seems enough with all the apps and lightweight models on the market. However, smart phones cannot replace smartwatches, as you will learn when we discuss the benefits.

Benefits of Buying Smart Watches in 2022

1. Staying fit and healthy

Traditional fitness watches have limited functionality. You can track your speed, heart rate, activity level, mileage, and calories burnt in your workout sessions. Most fitness watches’ designs revolve around those features. Smart watches do much more than track the basic fitness metrics. You can track different sports, in addition to your daily workouts, such as swimming, yoga, running, and cycling. You can track your personal health statistics every time you participate in these sports.

You probably have set fitness goals for the year, which is highly recommended. A smart watch is your buddy in achieving those goals. You will not need a fitness tracker after buying a smart watch. The watch records all fitness metrics, including the amount of rest you get every day. Smart watches price in Kenya varies across shops. You can shop online first to compare prices and features, especially fitness features.

2. Connectivity

You have your smart phone for connectivity, right? How many times do you need to open your bag or reach your pocket to check a notification? A smart watch simplifies life for you. It shows email and message notifications on your wrist. You can respond to a call or message on the go without interrupting an activity. If your day involves moving from one meeting to another or driving around, a smart watch will ensure that you do not miss important messages or meetings.

We use social media for different reasons. If you need timely social media notifications, smart watches meet that need conveniently. You can read the notification and act even when your mobile phone or laptop is far. We advise buyers to check the features and clarify them with the seller before purchasing a watch. Some smart watches can only read messages and calls, while others allow you to see and respond to social media alerts. Choose the design that keeps you connected on your preferred platforms.

3. Easy Navigation When Travelling

Smartwatches make traveling fun, especially when you are exploring a new route or destination. The GPS will help you find the right direction. Some smart watches will buzz to notify you to turn left or right. Think about cycling in a new place without a map. You cannot use your mobile phone while cycling, but you can follow the notifications on your wrist and stay on the right track. If you are driving, it is easier to move your wrist to view the navigation app than to wave your phone.

Navigation is important when exercising outdoors. You can easily track and save different routes and compare the mileage covered in each route. The metrics will help you improve your speed over time and help you scale your exercise routine to include tougher terrain in the future.

4. Reliability and Functionality

A smart watch has the basic features of displaying time. It makes sense to buy a watch that does more than tell you the time. The time on your smart watch is accurate and reliable when you connect it to your mobile phone. The feature makes smartwatches more reliable than analog watches. You do not need to keep adjusting the time, as is the case with traditional watches. The smart watches tracks time precisely. Your part is to keep it connected and charged. It will adjust the time automatically.

We have discussed various functions of the best brands of smart watches. It is worth mentioning the ability to track a lost phone. If you have misplaced a phone before, you understand the struggle to find it. Most smart watch brands have a ‘find phone’ feature that enables you to track your phone fast. You can connect a phone or any other smart device. The watch guide shows you how to call your phone on your wrist with a few buttons. Smart watches have long-lasting batteries. You can connect your device or phone for a long period, especially when traveling long distances.

5. Customizable Features

The multiple features on a smart watch can be overwhelming, as is the case with many smart devices. The designs are set to serve a broad market.  Smart watch manufacturers give users the freedom to decide the features that display on the watch. You do not have to use every feature or function on the watch. For instance, you can install the most important apps and set them on the home screen. If you do not like the social media noise, you can turn off notifications or disconnect your social media accounts from the smart watch. You have control over the functions and notifications.

You can change the interface as well to suit your day or location. For instance, you can use a fun face in social settings or functions and change it to a professional face when going to work. If you are on a new fitness journey, you can customize it to give more alerts on your health and fitness until you attain your goals. Remember the device is on your wrist and will tell about your personality and lifestyle. However, you have the freedom to customize it to the face that suits you best daily.

Final Thoughts          

A smartwatch is a useful tool to add to simplify your life. It is reliable in displaying precise time, tracking fitness activities, and keeping you connected to others. A smart watch is customizable to meet your needs and preference. Even with new brands of smartphones in the market, a good smart watch will enhance your life and give you time off your phone screen.

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