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15+ Special Thank You Gift Ideas in 2022

The words “thank you” should come easily after every kind gesture. Do not worry if you are still trying to master it. We are all growing in this area. However, words are sometimes not enough to express our appreciation for some acts of kindness. Gifts emphasize our words and show that we truly mean what we say. Picking such gifts is not as easy as it sounds and that is why we have these thank you gift ideas for you to explore this year.

Personalized Jewelry

The idea of giving jewelry works better for women than men. However, you can find unique chains for men if the recipient wears them. Jewelry shops sell different sets of accessories with earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. You may give them as they are or request the shop to personalize them for the recipient.

Wine Gift Basket

A bottle of wine is enough to show gratitude. Presenting it in a basket with other items makes it special. For instance, you can add a new set of wine glasses, candy, cupcakes, or flowers to the basket. Wine shops may have additional ideas for gift baskets that can save you the trouble of organizing the gift basket.

DIY Gifts

Are you good at DIY crafts? Such gifts are special because you invest your creativity and time into them. Whatever your specialty is will work, including a thank you card, a knitted sweater, scarf, or hat.

Thank You Candles

Candles come in different themes and for different purposes. Some just create ambiance in the home while others have a special message. You may request scented candles with a thank you note on them.  

Watch set

Watch shops in Kenya have a wide collection of watches. A watch is good enough for watch lovers. However, you can a few more accessories to the watch organizers such as a belt or sunglasses. Your task is to make the thank you gift ideas special and different from what is in the market.

Spa Box

Ladies like spa days but do not always have the time to go to a spa. The alternative is to buy all spa essentials and create spa days at home. A spa box or gift hamper may include bath salts, candles, and bath essentials.

Flowers bouquet

You have the option of fresh flowers or dried flowers. A fresh floral arrangement is the easiest way to show your gratitude for any act of kindness. People appreciate and understand the language of flowers. Dried flowers are also fine for such an event because they last long.

Adventure trip

The opportunity to escape the daily routine and experience a different environment is a special gift. Most people repeat the same cycle of activities throughout the year. Pick a destination with fun activities that the person will enjoy.

Candy Box

The good thing about thank you gifts is that they do not need to be complicated. People show kindness without expecting anything back. Hence, a box of candy sounds simple but it’s a sweet way of saying thank you. Another advantage is that it is shareable. The gift will touch the person and their friends or family.  

Wine Glasses Set

Kitchen utensils are popular gift ideas. Most people expect them, especially for wedding gifts. Wine glasses are unique. The recipient will remember your act of gratitude every time they sit down to enjoy a glass of wine. Did you know thank you gifts inspire people to be kind to others? Someone else is waiting in line to experience kindness.

Thank you chocolate box

Gift shops in Kenya deliver all types of chocolate boxes, including personalized chocolates. When the recipient opens the box, he or she will see the message on the pieces of chocolate. If you cannot get such a box in time, order any box of chocolates and include a thank you card with a personalized message.

Mug Set

Customized mugs are easy to find on the market and at reasonable prices. You have an alternative of monochrome mug sets or branded mugs with your appreciation message. The person may add them to the kitchen collection or souvenir collection depending on the type of mugs you pick.

Throw blanket

Throw blankets fit perfectly in the list of affordable thank you gift ideas. They are perfect for women, especially mothers. You may go for an African-themed throw blanket or any other design.  

Decorative Pillow Cases

Décor items are great gifts, especially when you know the recipient’s preference for home décor. You may not buy a new couch but you can add some spice to their home with decorative pillowcases for throw pillows. Stick to the theme in the home or complement it with the pillowcase colors.

Gratitude Party

When is the last time you organized a party for someone? We know about birthdays, graduation, newborns, and office parties. Hardly do we hear of parties as a thank you gift. You do not have to make it big unless you want to but a small celebration with close friends and family goes a long way. You may present other small gifts there or let the party speak for you.


We will leave to think of the perfect bag to give the recipient. If you are thinking of a man, a backpack, travel bag, gym bag, or laptop bag is good enough. For a woman, a handbag or a clutch bag is perfect. Consider the person’s style when picking a bag because he or she will use it for a long time.

Thank you note

Sometimes we over-think about gifts and forget the small things that count. A simple thank you note, even a handwritten note may be all you need to show your appreciation. You may not have time to organize a big gift but the note is a good gesture.

Final Thoughts

Never miss an opportunity to say show gratitude to anyone who is kind to you. The size and value of the gift do not matter but the recognition that the person was kind to you. Visit Ziky Store for more thank you gift ideas and gift ideas for other occasions.

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