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15+ Newborn Baby Gifts Ideas you can Shop Online in Kenya

The safe delivery of a newborn is perhaps the most exciting news to a family. The joy extends to their friends as well. The tradition is to visit the family with newborn gifts, which is confusing if you have never done it before. You do not know whether to buy gifts for the mom or the baby. We have a list of newborn baby gifts ideas you can explore for the next baby shower. Remember to specify the age and gender where possible when ordering the items online.

1. Baby clothes

You have tons of items to choose from when buying a newborn’s clothes. You can go for clothes that match the baby’s gender such as dresses for a baby girl or a boy’s outfits. If you are shopping for a baby shower and unsure about gender, baby items in neutral colors. Some of the items that you can order include cotton vests, sweaters, mittens, bibs, rompers, and caps.

2. Diapers

You will never go wrong with presenting a new mom with diapers. Do not worry that everyone will give disposable diapers. They are never enough, especially in the first few weeks. Order several packs of high-quality diapers and remember to specify the age.

3. Musical toys

Musical toys have a way of calming grumpy newborns. New parents add hanging toys to baby cots and bassinets to distract the baby. Musical toys have a great calming effect because the white noise put the newborn to sleep fast on a swinging bassinet or cot.

4. Beddings

Online shops in Kenya sell bed sheets, blankets, and mosquito nets for baby cots. A change of bedding is always welcome, especially for the cold weather. Stick to neutral colors such as white or cream unless you know the gender or the mom’s privilege.

Here is an extra tip when looking for newborn baby gifts ideas. Some moms do not like the traditional pink stuff for girls and blue for boys. They love to experiment with other colors that you may not think of when shopping.

5. Baby bath

We advise you to do your homework on this one. Some parents shop early for newborns and may have a baby bath ready. However, some wait for the last minute shopping. You are allowed to ask moms what they need when shopping for a newborn. Pick a baby bath that the baby will use for a while.

6. Cot

Help a family get the best baby cot for their newborn. Sometimes babies come unexpectedly before parents can put their nursery together. Look for a functional cot with buffers for a newborn. In addition, choose an adjustable design that the family will use for a longer period.

7. Nursery décor

For moms who are specific with the baby furniture, consider the nursery décor. You can buy stickers for the walls, reading books, mobile toys, wallpapers, drapers, picture frames, or rugs. We list a nursing rocking chair among newborn baby gifts ideas because it will serve the mom when nursing the baby in the nursery. It may end up in another room in the house but she will have a comfortable nursing location.

8. Baby carrier or sling

A baby sling is perfect for a newborn. It gives the mom a chance to bond with the baby while doing other chores. However, babies outgrow a sling fast. Consider a baby carrier with neck support.

9. Feeding essentials

Newborns do not feed immediately for mothers that choose exclusive breastfeeding. However, the time runs fast. The moms will need a set of feeding bottles, cups, bowls, and spoons when weaning the baby. Sometimes formula milk is necessary before weaning to supplement breast milk.

10. Playpen

You may think that a playpen is unnecessary for a newborn. However, the parents will soon need it to keep the baby busy. While everyone else thinks of immediate needs, think of the coming months when the baby cannot sleep on the side all day.

11. Baby nest

A new mom needs a baby nest when sharing a bed with the newborn. The nest is also essential for the baby to rest in the living room. A foldable nest is a gem when traveling because it converts into a bassinet for the night. Ensure that the design is sturdy, foldable, and comfortable for a newborn.

12. Photo album

Parenting comes with new memories. Think of a photo album for the new parents to document their journey of raising the baby with photos. Alternative digital albums cannot replace traditional photo albums.

13. Pacifiers

Did you know that mothers forget the tiniest things when shopping for their newborns? You will be surprised to find that the mom did not think of the pacifier until she opens your gift. Ensure the brand you choose has pacifiers fit for newborns.

14. Baby skincare products

Babies use similar skincare products. The products come in packs with lotions, oils, soaps, and jelly. You can go with the mom’s favorite brand or choose natural baby essentials. Babies rarely develop allergies to natural skincare products.

15. Diaper bag

We cannot end our list of newborn baby gifts ideas without mentioning the diaper bag. You know that the mother needs it when leaving the house even for a shopping trip. A spacious bag with several compartments is recommended. Avoid the common designs in the market and search for unique designs that the mom can use for a long time. Do not shy away from buying more than one. Taking care of a newborn on the move is often messy.

16. Gift card or voucher

Sometimes it is hard to pick a unique gift. Some moms start shopping as soon as they realize they are pregnant. Second or third-time moms may pass on some items to the newborns. A gift card is a great idea for such moms and other moms as well because they can buy what they need.

You can quickly tell from our list that you have many newborn baby gifts ideas to choose from for every baby shower. You can pick several items on our list depending on your budget. Visit Ziky Store for more gift ideas and personalized advice.

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