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15+ Housewarming Gifts to Buy in 2022

When it comes to picking gifts, some events are straightforward. For instance, you have a number of ideas for birthday gifts, wedding gifts, and baby shower gifts. However, a housewarming invite can be a little bit confusing. What kind of housewarming gifts should you give new homeowners? The following gifts are perfect for homeowners even if you have not visited their homes before.

1. Customized wall art

New homes come with multiple empty walls. New homeowners will tell you that it takes time to figure out the right art or decoration for each wall. Every piece of art or hanging is welcome at the beginning. It is likely to stay for years before they can replace it if necessary.

2. Potted green plant

There is always space for the money plant in a new home. You can go with one or several plants because the house is likely to have many empty spaces. The beauty of potted plants is that they can be placed indoors and outdoors.

3. Engraved cutting boards

You can find a cutting board in any store. However, engraved cutting boards leave memories behind. The family will always remember their achievement and the moment they moved to their own home as they prepare meals.

4. Dish towels set

Many new homeowners are often newly married couples. They are building a home together from scratch. Nothing is too small or too common to give when picking housewarming gifts. Every kitchen needs dish towels. You cannot go wrong with a set of matching dishtowels.

5. Tabletop mats

You can give customized tablemats or just a set of new mats. Several sets in different materials and designs are also great gifts. Such items skip people’s minds when shopping for a new home, especially after spending everything to complete the home.

6. Throw blankets

After all the work of moving into a new house and trying to make it a warm home, the family needs some rest. Throw blankets make the rest on the couches cozy and snuggly. Get several depending on the size of the family.

7. Customized pillow covers

Modern pillow covers have different designs. You can buy some with inspiration messages or just colorful designs that spice up the living room. If you do not know the theme color of the new home, stick to neutral colors or color combinations that go with most interior designs.

8. Kitchenware

It is highly likely that the new homeowners have thought about dining plates, cups, glasses, and cutlery. You can add to their collection or buy other kitchenware that they may need. For instance, an electric kettle, rice cooker, coffee maker, or blender is a perfect gift for a new home. Such items serve a family for a long time.

9. Bathrobes

A new home needs new bath robes. It gives the family the feeling of starting a new journey in a new place. New bath robes are perfect for newly married couples. You may customize them for a couple or buy some in different colors for a large family.

10. Flower vases

Ceramic flower vases are thoughtful housewarming gifts. The vases are enough gifts but you can make them better with fresh flowers or dried flowers. Some gift shops sell vases or jars with matching decorations. They may have dried flowers or other artistic pieces that stand out in any space. You will have multiple options for this gift idea.

11. Throw pillows

When we buy pillow covers, we assume that the home has pillows. The truth is that a new home may have new couches without throw pillows. It takes quite a lot to complete the interior décor in a home. If you know that the house has no or few throw pillows, buy some with matching covers. The good thing about housewarming gifts is that you can deliver them after the first visit.

12. Coffee mugs

Customized coffee mugs never go out of fashion. A couple or family may have many cups but there is always a preference for a new mug from a friend. Do not overlook coffee mugs while considering gifts for the new homeowners. You can customize them or buy a set with complimenting designs. Explore the options in gift stores for coffee mugs.

13. Wine rack

For a family that loves to serve wine, a freestanding wine rack is a good gift. Some wine racks come with wine glasses that fit perfectly into the rack. The thing with housewarming gifts is that you need to relieve the family of some troubles for a couple of months or years. They may need a rack with new wine glasses for their guests, right from the housewarming party.

14. Kitchen glass jars

Glass jars are never enough in the kitchen. There is always a new spice or herbs to pour into them. Clear glass jars are preferable because they give the recipient the freedom to choose their use.

15. Scented candles and candle stands

Candles set a different mood in the room, especially on special nights or home spa days. You can give normal candles or scented candles. Do not forget to buy some candle stands if your choice of candles requires stands. Most of the candle designs are freestanding.

16. Doormats

A welcome doormat with an interesting message is perfect for a new home. The beauty of buying doormats is that you do not have to worry too much about the home décor. The message and design on the mat matter more than matching the interior colors. However, you can choose neutral colors like grey, black, cream, or white.

17. Gardening tools set

Most homeowners think of gardening tools after months of hiring gardening services. Hence, a set of gardening tools will save them some money and inspire them to start tending their outdoors. Be sure to pick the best because such tools are rarely replaced in a home.

Final remarks

New homeowners often need the most basic things you can think of after moving to their new home. Nothing is too small to give, which means that you can get a thoughtful gift with any budget. Start with items that they may forget to buy or postpone after spending nearly everything on their home. Follow Ziky Store for more ideas on housewarming gifts and other gift categories.

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