10 Tips to Consider When Choosing the Best Gifts for Her

Gift shopping is your perfect chance to have fun and bring joy to your loved one. It gets better when you know the type of gift that will interest the recipient.

Getting the best gifts for her in Kenya is easy because of the wide variety in gift shops. Your task is to pick the present that suits her perfectly.

We have helped many buyers pick the best gifts and have a few tips to share.

1. Think of her personality and interests

You will get tons of ideas when you start shopping for gifts. Think of the recipient’s personality.

Is she an outgoing person or reserved? What are her hobbies or interests?

Create a list of all ideas that come to mind. Match one or several gifts to her personality.

You can get clues from her environment or the things she likes to buy.

We do not mean that you get the exact same thing. Buy something that complements her style or collection.

 2. Solve her problem

We aim at adding happiness to the recipient when searching for gifts for her in Kenya.

Give it a twist. Remove her sad emotions by solving her problems.

She is likely to mention something that bothers her if you are close to her. You can also observe from your time together if something is missing.

Get it as long as it is not embarrassing. Some problems are too personal to try to solve.

3. Listen

Okay, you probably know this, but if a woman needs something, she will talk about it. She will suggest it or constantly express the wish to own it.

Start paying keen attention to your conversations. If you look back, you will see what we are talking about here.

If you are trying to solve a problem, as suggested earlier, listen to what she complains about constantly.

It could be a broken item in her house or an upgrade to what she already has. Get it.

4. Make it an event

Anyone can predict the next move after buying a gift. You wrap the gift and then give it in the best moment possible.

Well, try something different. Make the process of presenting the gift an event.

You can hide the gift and ask her to go on a treasure hunt. Another idea is to wrap complimentary gifts in different packaging.

Invite her friends and family if you want to go all out with a huge gift such as a home makeover or upgrade.

Just step out of the box and make it memorable.

5. Don’t be too serious

We admit it. Conventional gifts like watches, gift hampers, jewelry, and flower bouquets are safe.

She will be pleased if you give her a bracelet watch or anything serious.

What if you gave a fun gift like a gaming console or a cartoon movie to watch?

Does she like candy? How about a whole box of assorted candy?

Do not just present a personalized gift. Include a fun message or pick one with a fun image.

6. Bring the past back

Gifts bring all sorts of emotions. You just need to choose positive emotions. A visit to the past can bring such feelings.

You can frame her graduation picture or certificate to show your appreciation of the hard work.

If she lost a loved one, frame that person’s best picture with a beautiful message.

Such gifts show that you are connected and concerned about her past.

You can also have fun with it and give her something she always wished she had as a child. Again, listen when she speaks. You will hear it.

7. Surprise her

When you have been close to someone for a long time, your moves become predictable.

She can almost guess your valentine’s gift or taste of flowers.

We get it. You are comfortable and sure about traditional gifts but a surprise works like magic.

Do not be afraid to try something you have never done before. It might surprise you that your loved one has secretly been wishing for it.

Most women like surprises. You may need a little help, and gift shops are there to help you, but do something different.

8. It is not about the money

Buying the best gifts for her in Kenya does not mean you spend all your money on it. Well, you can if you want to, but that is not the point.

The thought counts. Sometimes your presence is a gift.

So, do not overthink it or worry if you have little to spend. Get the best within your budget.

A unique floral arrangement may be all she needs or a huge teddy bear. When was the last time you bought her one?

9. Personalize it

Engraved gifts are great, but we are talking about putting your personal touch on it.

For instance, if you are an artist, designer, or cook, create your best piece of art for her. She will treasure it for life.

Yes, you can write a song for her to match her season or the joy she brings to you.

Think about it. The personalized song or poem can be part of the presentation.

The goal is to assure her of your love and care, so put some of you into the gift.

10.  Prepare

You are probably reading this because you are in the preparation period. Sometimes last-minute gifts create a lasting impression, but there is a better way.

Some events are predictable, like Valentines, birthdays, graduation, mother’s day, baby showers, and all.

Create the list of the most important days in a year for her and start planning. Procrastination is costly. You might forget.

Prepare well in advance, especially when to pull a huge surprise or make it memorable.

Contact gifts shops in Nairobi early to ensure that your preferred gift is personalized and delivered on time.

Your worst crime might be forgetting an anniversary or birthday. Start preparing now.

There you go! You are ready to choose the best gifts for her in Kenya. Go and make that day memorable! Ziky Store is here to help you every step of the way.

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