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10 Interesting Facts about Giving Gifts You Do Not Know

Gift-giving is a part of many cultures around the world. The approach to giving and receiving gifts is different in every culture. For instance, some cultures allow you to refuse to receive a gift even before opening it. Such an act is considered rude in other cultures. Hence, it is important to learn about different cultures when giving gifts to people from other cultures.

The cultural differences do not change the meaning of gifts. They are a great way to express your love, appreciation, and empathy. As you explore different gifts for your loved one, here are some interesting facts that you should know.

1. Many men shop for gifts at the last minute

Many men are always caught in the rush of picking a perfect gift at the last minute. Women start shopping for gifts early and may have packed gifts at home waiting for the special occasion. Men, on the other hand, are likely to order a gift on their way to the event.

2. Women pick better gifts than men

If men pick gifts at the last minute, their choices are limited to the options in the market at that time. Hence, women will give better gifts because they had enough time to explore different options. However, even when men and women have the same amount of time to pick gifts, women pick better gifts. Take the hint and ask a woman to help you pick gifts for the next occasion.

3. Men prefer useful gifts to romantic gifts

Sometimes women give the type of gifts they expect to receive from men, especially their boyfriends or husbands. Men prefer useful gifts to romantic gifts. When last did you see a man with a romantic flower bouquet with snuggly tear bears? If you want to experiment with such gifts, please do it in private. However, you can tell from the fun fact that it may not go well. He may smile but deep down he will wish that you picked a gift he can use or wear.

4. Gifts and presents are different

We the words “gifts” and “presents” interchangeably but the two do not mean the same thing. Presents are given on special occasions. For instance, people exchange presents on a wedding anniversary, wedding, birthday party, corporate events, or graduation party. Presents are tangible items. Gifts, on the other hand, can be intangible such as the gift of life, health, and friendship. Gifts do not require a special occasion or event. You can give gifts at any time without a special reason other than to share love and gratitude.

5. About 50% of recipients do not like their gifts

The fun fact is a bitter pill to swallow but it is the sad reality. About half of the people that receive gifts do not like them. If you think about it for a minute, you will also realize that you have a bunch of gifts that you did not like or use in any way. It shows that people miss some steps when giving gifts. Some ignore the recipient’s personality, likes, hobbies, and interests while others put minimal effort when shopping for gifts. Shelved gifts may be a result of last-minute shopping or picking common gifts.

6. An average buys gifts for eight different recipients

A past showed that an average shopper has at least eight recipients in their gifting list. The number may be higher or lower depending on a person’s social life. We have many friends and family members but not all of them qualify to receive special gifts. The number also shows that we build fewer but stronger relationships in life.

7. Women have more gift recipients than men

Women love sharing gifts. Hence, their list of recipients is longer than the men’s list. As we said earlier, women start shopping for gifts early because they enjoy it. The reverse is also true. Women receive more gifts than men do. If you are in doubt, consider the popularity of Mothers Day and Fathers Day. People remember Mother’s Day and plan all kinds of events around it. The world requires reminders about Fathers Day.

8. Gift giving has little to do with money

Some people go overboard with gifts thinking that expensive gifts are the most memorable gifts. The reality is that people value relationships and genuine thoughts higher than gifts. You do not need money to give gifts. You can give an intangible gift of your time and support. If you choose to buy a gift, stay within your budget. The simplest gifts sometimes create lasting memories.

9. Not all gifts are to be used

The first question that comes to mind when you open a gift is how to use the item. However, some gifts are not to be used but kept for different reasons. We can give gifts to mark special days or milestones. If you use and discard such a gift, you lose the reminder of the milestone or special occasion. In addition, some gifts are passed down generations as a family or cultural heritage. If the purpose is not obvious, keep the gift for the memory.

10. Animals give gifts too

Giving gifts is not special to human beings. Animals share gifts as well. For instance, male bowerbirds bring gifts to females and decorate their nests during the mating season. Cats and other hunters can bring part of their prey home as an expression of love. Even animals know how to build relationships with each other and their owners through gifts.

Exchanging gifts is a fun activity that brings happiness and creates new memories. Do not miss the opportunity this year to express your love with gifts. Explore our collection of gift ideas at Ziky Store and pick memorable gifts for your loved ones.

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