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10 Factors to Consider When Ordering Flowers in Nairobi

Flowers are an all-year gift because they are readily available throughout the year. The types may change but flowers are always on the market. If you are looking for sympathy or romantic flowers in Nairobi, you will find your favorite arrangement. Another advantage of giving flowers is the joy they bring to the recipient. Everybody understands the language of flowers. Hence, you will always find flowers on every occasion, whether happy or sad. Your part is to order a bouquet from the right suppliers. We have made the job easy for you with this guide.

Factors to Consider When Buying Flowers in Nairobi

1. The blooms in season

Flowers are available throughout the year from specific flower farms. Such flower farmers create greenhouses to supply flowers all year long. Roses are the most common in such greenhouses. However, if you want to buy flowers from other farms, consider buying the flowers in season. You will find fresh flowers at the best prices, compared to imported flowers that are off-season and highly-priced. Some blooms do not do well in greenhouses. The best time to order such flowers is in their season.

2. Delivery options

If we are talking about giving flowers, then we are talking about fresh flowers with a long vase life. Unless you are thinking of dried flowers, which are perfectly fine, you need same-day flower delivery. The gift shop or flowers company should provide a reliable delivery service to ensure that the flowers get to you fresh and in time for the occasion. In addition, the shop should ensure that the flowers are packaged and delivered in a way that you can present them immediately to your loved one.

3. Pricing

We have talked about flowers as perfect gifts because they are readily available. However, if you do not do your research well, you will overpay for a bouquet. Choose the combination you want to give depending on the occasion and then explore the gift shops in Nairobi offering such a combination. Compare prices and order from the most competitive shop for the best arrangement. You can get the best bouquet without robbing a bank if you take your time to window-shop. In addition, consider the delivery charges. Some shops offer low prices but compensate the discount with delivery charges.

4. Personal preference and taste

What do you want? Do not go buying flowers in Nairobi without a clear picture of what you want. You can go for the flowers in season or a combination that suits the reason why you are giving flowers. What colors do you prefer? Do you want fresh or artificial flowers? Do you want flowers in a vase or just a well-packaged bouquet? The florist should deliver more than you expect or guide you into picking the best blooms. The florist should also provide options in case you are dissatisfied with their arrangement. We advise buyers to start shopping early for any gift, including flowers. You will have enough time to make any necessary changes before the special occasion.

5. Vase life

We know that flowers do not last forever. However, you want the longest vase life possible. You can only get longer-lasting flowers if you source for fresh and top-quality flowers. Florists in Nairobi sell different types of flowers depending on the target market. You may pay extra for the best but you will also get a long vase life. You will keep your loved one happy for several days.

6. The company’s reputation

If you are shopping for flowers online, you cannot tell by the information on a website that the florist is reliable. Read the fine lines. What guarantees do the suppliers give? Do they have a substitution policy in case you do not get what you wanted? Is your information safe when ordering on the website? Once you find some arrangements that you like, look deeper into the seller’s information. Check if the customer support lines work and if the shop has a physical location. The information will help you when tracking your order.

7. Recommendations

Recommendations from your close friends or family members can save you heartache when ordering online. Ask your contacts for recommendations for flowers in Nairobi and then do some homework on the recommendations. You will have narrowed down your options to florists with a good reputation. While narrowing down the recommendations, keep in mind the occasion and recipient’s personality. You might find the perfect match in the most unlikely market.

8. Location

The florist’s location is important if you want to receive flowers almost immediately after they are plucked from the farm. Many florists deliver flowers to the city. However, if they are far from the city and the sources, flowers get to their shops after hours of travel. You might get the best bouquet with a long vase life. Reliable florists order flowers from farms on the same day that recipients need them for maximum satisfaction.

9. Customer reviews

Customer reviews are important when buying from a seller for the first time. If you find customers complaining about a service, do not try it hoping for a different outcome. That is a huge risk to take with a precious gift. In addition, consider the quality and honesty of the reviews. Some complaints are unwarranted, especially when the seller has done their best to compensate the buyer or correct their mistakes. However, if the seller has a series of bad reviews, you need to consider an alternative source.

10. Payment options

What payment options does the florist offer? A serious florist should have all payment options available to buyers. We are in the era of cashless transactions. However, if you prefer paying in cash or with a card, check the seller’s checkout options. In addition, consider the safety of your personal details. Do not provide any details online if the store lacks security measures.

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