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10 Best Corporate Gifts in Kenya in 2022

Did you know that you could grow your business or brand with gifts? Corporate gifts encourage recipients to build a long-term relationship with your business. Top-performing employees come to mind first when we mention corporate gifts in Kenya. That is a great place to start as a business owner. However, you can extend corporate gifts to your suppliers, customers, and business partners. Some companies choose a one-time gift or donation to the community to show that they care for the community’s needs. You can take any direction with corporate gifts but you definitely need to start somewhere. Consider the following corporate gift ideas.

1. Branded wearable gifts

Branded clothing has been an effective advertising strategy for years. The option is available to both small and large businesses. You can give branded t-shirts, caps, hoodies, and polo shirts. The good news is that you do not need to wait for a special event to give branded wearable gifts. Order them in bulk and give them throughout the year. Look around and you will notice how many top brands are still using branded clothing to attract new customers.

2. Coffee kits

Coffee and work go together for many employees. You probably have a coffee budget in your office or shop. Your top performers will appreciate customized coffee mugs along with the best beans on the market. Consider a partnership with local coffee brands to have branded coffee kits. You can brand the coffee mugs and package them with the top coffee brands. Remember that every partnership attracts attention to your brand. Choose strategic partners that will make your business visible to your target market.

3. Reusable shopping bags

Kenyan shoppers appreciate reusable shopping bags after the plastic bags ban. Reusable bags are cost-effective advertising strategies. You do not need to wait for customers to buy from you to give them shopping bags. The guarantee is that as long as they have the bags, they will carry them wherever they go shopping, even in your competitors’ shops. Ensure that the bags are durable for a long-term impression of your brand.

4. Laptop bags

Here is another idea for affordable corporate gifts in Kenya.  Laptop bags are perfect gifts for professional employees. We must emphasize the need to step out of the common laptop bags in the market. Your employees probably have several of those bags. Partner with businesses that produce genuine leather bags and order inscribed laptop bags. Here is another tip. Avoid large labels on laptop bags. Nobody wants to walk around with such a bag in town. Instead, a small logo is enough to remind the recipient of your business without announcing to the world that the person works for you.

5. Branded Pens

Branded stationery is still useful despite the multiple digital devices in the market. Everyone reaches out for a pen and paper occasionally to make quick notes. Branded pens are good gift ideas. Prioritize metallic pens over plastic pens. Most businesses go for plastic pens but metallic pens feel special and classy. You may inscribe the person’s name or just the company’s brand depending on the occasion and reason for gifting. For instance, inscribing the recipient’s name may be appropriate when celebrating birthdays in the office.

6. Notepads and notebooks

Pens go together with notebooks and notepads. We encourage business owners to start the year or every quarter of the year with new notebooks and notepads. Customized notebooks will work with suppliers and customers as well. Another advantage of notebooks is that you can print them in bulk and give them throughout the year. Most people place their notebooks or notepads on their desks. Hence, your brand remains visible in the recipient’s office throughout the day and week.

7. Gift Cards

Gift cards come in handy when you want to give service corporate gifts in Kenya. For instance, if you want the recipient to enjoy a good meal, spa date, or vacation in the best hotels, get gift cards from the chosen hotels or destination. Do not shy away from asking about the recipient’s favorite or dream hotel. In addition, gift cards are not limited to restaurants. Supermarkets and gift shops in Nairobi also give gift cards to allow recipients to choose a gift that meets their needs or preferences.

8. Food hampers

Companies have a wide variety of food hampers to choose from for corporate gifts. The beauty of food gifts is that they are sharable. You may give them to one person but they will share the love with their friends or family. You can go the cake way and order a themed cake or a pack of cupcakes. Alternatively, you can give a dessert hamper with candy, chocolates, and cookies. A bottle of wine goes well with food hampers for wine lovers. The secret to giving memorable gifts is to match them to the recipient’s personality, likes, and style.

9. Products

Most of the corporate gifts in Kenya in this list require you to spend some money. If you just started your business or running on a budget, give your company’s products. Do not give free samples are gifts. Choose your best products for gifts, whether the recipients are your employees, customers, or partners. The recipients will remember your brand and become your customers. They may go a step further and recommend your products to their contacts. Remember to give that the recipients can use. For instance, if your business sells products for women, look for an alternative gift for men.

10. Donations

We mentioned this type of corporate gift at the beginning. The community that supports or buys from your business deserves a gift. You may not reach every customer with a brand item. However, a community gift will serve as a reminder to all customers of your brand and your concern for the community’s welfare. Consider charitable donations to an existing course such as educating marginalized communities, eradicating poverty, providing clean water or sanitation facilities, or helping persons with disabilities. The list is endless. Identify an ongoing project in the community and support it. Alternatively, you can start a much-needed project and invite other partners to help the community.

We have mentioned just a few of the corporate gifts in Kenya that can help you build your brand. Visit our store for more gift ideas for corporate events and other occasions. We will be glad to help you choose memorable gifts that match your business needs and marketing goals.

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